Sunday 31 August 2014

Day 31 - August Challenge 14

Challenge - "Old timbered buildings"

Suggested by - Ray via Facebook

"love those old buildings in your area..The houses etc with timbers olde English. Let's see how you represent this"

Well, I may as well go out with a flourish on the last day of my August Challenge!
One picture of twenty pictures. It just serves to show what a wealth of old timbered buildings there are in Saffron Walden alone, without going further out into Uttlesford.

There are some quite remarkable medieval buildings - the Old Sun Inn (R3P1), the old Youth Hostel (R3P5)... all from a period when timber framing was the way the buildings were constructed. Some of these buildings are further embellished with special plasterwork, traditional to this region. A fine example of this pargeting can be found on the gable of the Old Sun Inn (R1P3)

However, there is one image above which is quite notably out of place in this set.

It is now my turn to challenge all of you to tell me which one it is.

In the comments below, just write the row and position (as I have done above) of the one you think it may be. Obviously I know some of you already have the knowledge so maybe if you are an expert (Martyn!) then perhaps hang back and see what others might choose. Please don't say why at this point, just the number. I will reveal the answer on Thursday night at the viewing evening at Design Essentials. Those answers given here will go into a hat with the others on the night. Do come along for a chat, if you can, to see if you are right, and also to see the results of the challenges all of you set for me - this will be your show just as much as it is mine!

Thank you all for a great month of challenges and all of your wonderful support!


  1. Great way to finish your month of challenge. Thoroughly enjoyed them all & hope many who can will go and see your selection in their full glory at Design Essentials (sorry, just too far for me to come up a third time this summer).

    1. Thank you, and completly understood. So any guess as to which is the odd one out?

  2. The August challenge was a great idea very well executed.

    The answer to the picture quiz is R2P1 unless I'm wrong!

  3. Lovely selection of centuries old timber frames there... maybe R2P3 is the odd one out?

  4. Great buildings, I think R2P3 is the odd one out

  5. Lovely way to finish the month.

    I have ideas as to why one might be the odd one out, but not which one, so I'm going to guess at R1P3.

  6. Lovely way to finish your month of challenge. Super pictures Celia.

  7. Hey Celia, I'll go for R3P1 and hope it's right x

  8. Well done, a great month! R4P3 - though that's not based on any knowledge of anything. In fact it took me ages to work out how the numbering works...


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