Monday 29 April 2013

Enjoy My Photographs

Sorry, what's that you said? You cant see anything but black?

That's right, black because 25th April was a black day - the day the ill-considered Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill was granted assent. Ill considered as the aspect of copyright should have been afforded a bill all of its own, not tangled up in this bill where it was hard to see it.

From now on, I will be seriously considering how I will share my images because the long and the short of this bill means that anything posted online and which is stripped of the meta data, (and which is pretty rife) is now potentially free to be used by anyone because it is an 'orphan work' and there are not an awful lot of options I have to prevent it.

Ok, sharing images online has always had the issue that they could be lifted for use elsewhere but we always had an iota of protection as the copyright owner. At least we could pursue the issue even if it were to cost us. Now the floodgates are open for others to easily profit from our work. Work that for myself and all other photographers, is our livelihood. Publishing them online is our showcase, our way of securing future work. To date, those who have wanted to enjoy my photographs have been able to.

However, future work may just appear like this

Please apply for the image

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Pri's Kitchen - Shoot

A little while back, I was asked by the lovely Pri Bamford, if I would shoot an Indian Cookery demonstration she was doing as part of the Words in Walden series, as she wanted the images for use on her Pri's Kitchen website and for publicity. Of course, I was more than delighted to fulfil her requirements.

It was a snowy afternoon but it didn't deter the audience arriving for a sell-out event. Pri soon began to explain the methods of the Indian cookery that she had grown up with during her childhood in the foothills of the Himalayas, and recalling the sights and aromas from helping with the cooking. Indeed, most of the recipes to be followed were family favourites handed down through generations, and the audience were soon to be in for a similar aromatic treat as the spices were dry roasted during part of the preparation for a chicken curry dish.

It wasn't long before the audience participation began, again adding to the whole experience. As the dishes began to cook, Pri told of tree planting schemes she supports in her homeland, and in return, she had been given some special village-produced rice by the grateful people. A small pan of that special rice was to be shared with the curry at the end of the cookery demonstration.

Another important element of the indian meal is roti, or chapatis to you and me. As a child Pri had been given the task of rolling out the roti, perfecting the shape and thickness. We watched as she effortlessly demonstrated how...


...with a bit of this

...and the use of this

...produced something as perfect as this.

Time for a bit more audience participation.

It really wasn't quite as easy as it looked.

Carefully watched over by Pri, some tried to impress!

(Sorry Dave but pancake day was a few weeks ago!)

Whilst everyone was involved with roti-making, the chicken curry, chick peas and rice were all cooking nicely, ready for everyone to sample the results- including the photographer. (Now that's the sort of shoot I enjoy!)

After lots of mmmm's and thumbs up, Pri received some well deserved appreciation for her amazing food.

And if this wasn't enough, Pri went on to do the whole demonstration all over again to another sell-out audience last Sunday, rounding off the Spring, Words in Walden series.

If you would like me to shoot your event for use in your own promotional material or for adding to your website, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Happy St George's Day

Following my dismay last year, when I found there was an apparent lack of English patriotism in our little market town, this year, by contrast I was delighted to find a happy uptake of red and white.

I even encountered a lonesome dragon on his way home!

Happy St George's Day!

Monday 22 April 2013

Havergate Day of Discovery

Sunday 21st April
A glorious 6am start from Orford Quay

Eight photographers joined the RSPB events officer and four* photography tutors for the first
Havergate Day of Discovery

Passing by Orford Ness bunkers...

...on a mirror calm River Ore...

...we left Orford behind... the still of the morning.

Arriving at Havergate Island jetty and time to get started...

...during Golden Hour - the photographer's dream.

Starting with a spot of macro photography...

...the early frost was turning to dewdrops...

...the macro photographer's friend.

After a last close look at low-down macro subjects...

 ...attention was turned to the birds and of course, the famous hares.






In the heat of a beautiful April day, Orford disappeared into the haze...

...whilst visiting birds left a trail of evidence.

An afternoon in the hide amassed an impressive list of birds
including this little Egret and not forgetting no 1 Havergate bird, the Avocet

Meanwhile, the hares had been taking things easy...

...until our last half-hour on Havergate when the boxing kicked off, and just before...

...a breeze-stirred homebound journey.

Would you like a chance to experience this unique island and its wildlife?

Places are still available on the April 28th Photographic Day of Discovery.
To book contact
01728 648281

There is also an opportunity for photographs taken by visitors to Havergate, to be included in an exhibition
at the Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings from 5th - 11th September

Jon Evans
(The man with the big lens)

Tony Pick
(The landscape man)

Danny Porter
(The man who can fit almost any camera on a scope)

and me, Celia Bartlett here at Ailec Photography
(who gets you looking really close-up)

RSPB Events Officer
Monika Koch
and here is what some of the visitors had to say