Tuesday 1 January 2013

Rineen Woods- Fairy Village

New Year's Day 2013 in West Cork, opened as a glorious, bright, calm and sunny morning. This was an instant invite for a reviving walk with mutt, options being either a blast along the strand or a peaceful walk in the woods. Today, the chosen location was the woods at Rineen, with the haunting calls of the curlew providing the magic extra. Or was there something else doing that?

Many times I have walked the leafy, estuary-side paths of this delightful escape and every time I have failed to spot the subject of what has been a frequent local topic of conversation. Until today, that is. Opinions are divided when it comes to the appearance of the fairy houses, which vary from full blown Sylvanian-style cabins, to Hobbit-hole doors that nestle into the tree roots within a small area of the woods.

All I can think is that someone has taken great pleasure in building up this little village for the tiny people, which also has national notoriety and in turn, provides pleasure for children who visit the woods.

For me, Rineen is just a magical place to walk at any time.



  1. Just discovered Rineen Woods--I hope some of these little houses are still there. Lovely, thank you for posting.

    1. Thanks Melissa. Sadly I think a lot of them have been cleared away.I really think the two sides could have agreed something to keep everyone happy.


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