Wednesday 31 December 2014

Looking Back - 2014

Wow - and what a year!

I will open by indulging with, what in my view, was the high point - in more than one way, and although this is a picture taken of me rather than by me there was a serious message to this daredevil stunt I did back in June Yup, I jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane in aid of the RNLI, raising £580 in the process. I loved every minute of it and I will be back to do more skydiving just as soon as I can, with the aim of doing a solo freefall - yee-haaaa!

Well, that was June, what of the rest?
It has been a year full of great highs and unfortunate lows, both personally and work-wise.
It has been a year of decisions and changes.
It has been a year which has challenged my determination, my strength and my emotions.
It has been a year which opened up new experiences and ideas.
It has been a year where I have had some success and recognition.
I guess this is what you might expect through any year but the main thing is I'm still here, even if I have been a bit quiet of late, and I'm looking forward to great new challenges in 2015. (More of those in the next post) However, before we leave 2014 behind let me pick up on some of the favourite images and highlights from the year.


2014 arrived with gusto, when we felt the full Atlantic force down in West Cork.

A first visit to the wonderful city of Glasgow for Burns weekend. So much to see, including the fabulous Transport Museum. A return visit is a must.


Big changes! The decision was made to stop hiding and transform as Celia Bartlett Photography - a new look and a new website 

Still finding time for going out to enjoy a favourite place with a favourite walking companion


Back out to another favourite place - West Cork, with lots of plans to mull over

Visiting an interesting location on a shoot for a well known, quality supermarket - now one of my regular clients.


Another new work association with a great name - and one we already have a personal interest in to boot!

Who can't resist a bluebell wood?!


Private view for my Open Studio - with special guest.
Two weekends in April / May

Back to the stunning scenery in West Cork, with plans now starting to take shape.


A selfie with a difference! Admiring one of the many motorbikes at the annual Meldreth charity motorbike show.

Reaching the middle of the year with an early start for the Summer solstice sunrise at Lowestoft


Theatrical photography, now a regular feature throughout my working year, whether it be outdoors or indoor


Covering big events is also part of the working year - and the biggie of the year was the Tour de France but look who stole the show?!
Delighted to have had a sell-out souvenir book off this once in a lifetime event.


Photographing politicians - one of two I had the brief to fulfil this year:- The Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst MP

A visit early on in the process of the Tower Poppies - just amazing!


Another ride out to the Ace Cafe London for the buzzing Annual Reunion

An extra special early-morning photo shoot at the stunning Glendalough upper lake, Co Wicklow, Ireland.


back in to Ireland ahead of the West Cork Photography Weekends I had been planning for months.

A reflective evening just before my first guests finally arrived for the Photography Weekends.
And so successful they were, I am rolling them out again in Spring 2015!


The first of the regular annual events that take place in November - the big noise of the fireworks ...

...contrasted with capturing the serenity of the Remembrance Sunday Parade.


Rounding off the year covering an event that would bring joy to many families - the Homecoming Parade - the troops had returned home from Afghanistan in time for Christmas

I would like to thank you for your support over these past twelve months and may I now take this opportunity to -

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year.
May it be full of joy and happiness!

I look forward to sharing 2015 with you.

Thursday 11 December 2014

58 Field Squadron, Homecoming Parade, Saffron Walden

Homecoming parades have become something of a regular feature in the town of Saffron Walden, and today, there was one such parade which heralded the end of an era. The 58 Field Squadron, based at Carver Barracks along with the 33 Regiment, have just completed their final tour of duty in Afghanistan, as all troops are withdrawn from the country.

An appreciative crowd had gathered around the market square on a chill and yet thankfully dry December morning. The crowd included the school children of the military families, all keen to welcome the troops back.

As the Lady Mayor Cllr Sandra Eaden inspected the troops and presented the Operation Herrick medals, the military band of the Gurkhas played 'One Moment in Time'

Following an official address of gratitude by Colonel Andrew Howard, deputy commander 8 Engineer Brigade, and a moment of reflection by the Chaplain, the troops marched back out of the market square, no doubt feeling glad to be home with their families in time for Christmas.