Sunday 24 August 2014

Day 24 - August Challenge 14

Challenge - "Chess in Uttlesford"

Suggested by - Richard via blog

"Chess in Uttelsford (sic)".
Your move...
(NB I know you like to be creative so chessboard patterns in flooring, walls and buildings or any chess related thing can be considered!)

Having first Googled chess in Uttlesford and then chess in Essex I was beginning to draw a blank. All of the clubs in Essex appear to be in the south of the county and the nearest local club seems to be over the border into Cambridgeshire - not much use then. My mind started to think of other solutions - a chequerboard floor...and I knew there was one, in Audley End House and so a visit to our local mansion looked on the cards. That was until a friend alerted me to the presence of a large outdoor chess set in grounds not far from the English Heritage property. It was worth a try - hoping there might be some players willing to be subjects to put the playing pieces in scale.

Sadly, there were no contemplative players out in the afternoon sunshine (which actually struggled to make an impression on the chilly air). Instead I was alone with these black and white armies, waiting; facing each other in their regimented way for a battle to commence. And commence it did but not in front of me or how I expected. Suddenly a huge bang and then the rattle of machine gun fire echoed out along the calm Cam valley, as if World War II was breaking out. In fact you could say it was - in a fashion. Being a Bank Holiday weekend, English Heritage had arranged a family event "World War II Soldiers and Spies" at Audley End House, and which explained the unusual occurrence. Once this had dawned on me, I settled back to grabbing a few more shots from different angles before surrendering and beating my retreat - back home for a cuppa.

Today's image and all the other images from my August Challenge will be on display in Design Essentials during September

Tomorrow, Day 24


Thanks to David for the tip-off for todays challenge!


  1. Chess pieces make wonderful subjects for photography - I've tried some myself. Really well done here, perfect perspective.

    1. Thank you - its a game I don't relate to greatly so it is good to hear I have captured the right feel.


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