Monday 5 August 2013

Day 5 - August Challenge

Challenge - "A hare on the 5 August?
                     As a reminder of your participation in the Havergate Island exhibition at Snape Maltings one month later?"

Suggested by - Monika via blog

Another 4.30am start in the hope of completing my hare challenge nice and early today. However, the sound of raindrops outside my open bedroom window almost made me snuggle back down but I'm glad I didn't!

By 5.15am the rain had all but gone and I had bagged a nice portrait shot of a quizzical hare lolloping towards me but at 1600 ISO it was going to render very grainy. So once again, it was the waiting game for a better shot - and it was worth waiting.

I watched, as around a dozen hares would go up on hind legs to deftly nibble their way through the wheat stalk, just under the maturing ear. Letting the plump pickings fall to the floor, they  were easily able to enjoy their breakfast cereal. The hares seemed happy enough, although I doubt the farmer has the same feeling, judging by the ever-increasing bare area appearing in his field.

Around about 6.30am, the hares began to get rather fidgety, winding up to a quick bout of boxing, before they all went quietly back to their grazing again. With this shot in the bag, I knew I could make for home for my own breakfast and a welcome cuppa.

So, Monika, our hares may not be as laid back as the Havergate Island hares but they are still great to watch, although from a much greater distance. We are quite spoiled on Havergate!

The screen grab

My thanks to:
Monika for the suggestion
Himself for not moaning when I got up at dawn again

Tomorrow, Day 6



  1. Great shot Celia , I love the early mornings as you get too see the world without other people :)

    1. Thanks Richard! Gald you are keeping up with my challenge :-)

  2. Goodness, your patience really paid off. Hares are such interesting creatures behaviourally (and so different from rabbits). You really managed a decisive moment, completely perfect.

  3. Fantastic, well done you!
    I was really worried about having it made too difficult for you, but you have proven that with local knowledge and open eyes one can still spot hares in all sorts of locations and not on RSPB Havergate Island only.
    The early mornings are quite nice in the current 'heat wave' and your story and photo tells that the wildlife has similar thoughts too.
    I'm very much looking forward to your other challenge days, the diversity of subjects is soo interesting.

  4. A tweet at the right time and your post/challenge from today made it into today's selection in 'The RSPB Daily':
    What a nice surprise!

  5. Super Shot Celia absolutely Brilliant!You must have been really pleased with this one! I was looking for the Strings lol! ;-)


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