Friday 1 August 2014

Day 1 - August Challenge 14

Challenge - "Inside Out"

Suggested by - Lauren via twitter

I have to admit to being one who still prefers a good old map over a sat-nav, and more so as the built-in one in our car is particularly tricky to programme. So when I knew I was going to be driving the car through France this summer I cheekily bought himself a smart new updated piece of kit for his birthday. This was in the secret hope I might finally be able to get to grips with this little bit of technology during the two-day journey each way. Seeing as himself was riding his motorbike down and back though, I wogged his new-fangled box, leaving him with his now outdated waterproof version that actually managed to get him lost in Tours this evening. (tee-hee) Me? I found our overnight destination in Le Mans with no trouble thanks to the mini moving picture box.
I think I'm actually starting to warm to this little gizmo.

Despite my new-found trust in this easy to use sat-nav, I still found it invaluable to have good old Bibendum to reassure us with his atlas pages as we ate up the miles from Moissac to Le Mans today. Tomorrow is stage two of the drive back to Blighty - Le Mans back to our home town in Uttlesford District. For this, I will be relying on both the sat-nav and the atlas for the jaunt up to Calais. However, all will change upon emerging from the Tunnel and I'm back on the familiar side of the road. The sat-nav will just be merrily displaying away to itself during the drive back to Essex, only referring to it if the conditions dictate a deviation. By the time I am back within Uttlesford district, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the sat-nav has already been allowed a well earned rest.

And why? Well, that is because I know the local roads inside-out of course.

Tomorrow, Day 2

"In a jam"


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    1. ...using the sat nav?
      Well if the previous ones had been user friendly it might have been different!


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