Friday 31 August 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time, may recall that last August, I took on a 30 Day Photographic Challenge Each day, a new image was taken on a specific theme and whilst some days it was indeed, challenging to fulfil the brief- either by subject matter or within the time, I quite enjoyed the discipline of it all. So, when one of my social media friends (TS) started a media-wide #photoaday at the beginning of August, I caught the urge to take up the challenge again too. And so I set off on what could almost now be called an 'annual event'.

A few days in, another social media friend (KG) felt it would be fun to join in, and so for a while, there was the daily anticipation of how the subject would be interpreted by the three of us. For those who haven't done anything like this before, I will tell you now, it is harder than you think, and I actually have every respect for those who take on the 365 challenge (or even longer) So, juggling, work, family, leisure and remembering to take and post the daily image means that sometimes, it just doesn't happen for those taking the challenge. However, I'm pleased to say I did actually manage to post every day, although with different levels of success with my images. Afterall, photo a day is really just a bit of fun, so any images produced as a result are worthy of a mention, and with permission, I am posting the images by KG alongside my own. (As TS is enjoying a holiday, I haven't yet had the nod to use those images - maybe they will be added here later) Just see how the subject has been approached differently by each of us, although on one occasion it was spookily similar!

Day 1 Outside

Day 2 One

Day 3 Coin

Day 4 Somewhere you sat

Day 5 Logo

Day 6 Writing

Day 7 Eight O'Clock

Day 8 Glasses

Day 9 Messy

Day 10 Ring

Day 11 Purple

Day 12 Spoon

Day 13 Simple

 Day 14 Arrow

Day 15 Ready

Day 16 Food

Day 17 Faces

Day 18 Inside

Day 19 Hole

Day 20 Today

Day 21 Cool

Day 22 Home

Day 23 Pair

Day 24 Path

Day 25 Fresh

Day 26 Dream

Day 27 Tap

Day 28 Clock

Day 29 Down

Day 30 Card

Day 31 Hidden

There you have it! A bit of silly-season fun if you want, and lovely to share the challenge with friends. Photography doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be, stuffy and serious all the time. Enjoy!

(Additional images copyright KFG)