Thursday 31 July 2014

August Challenge 2014

Firstly my apologies for probably the longest period between blog posts, but perhaps some of you have managed to escape my recent tweets and FB posts. Yup, I have been and still am on holiday in France, where internet "wiffy" has been absent for much of the time and in equal measures of thank goodness I'm on holiday and eeek panic, I must post about my August challenge before we hit the first of the month. So after a long day, driving the first stage of our trip back to Blighty, I'm sitting up late to write this post, currently accompanied by the 'supermarket checkout blip' of a lone tree frog outside. (Poor soul. Someone should tell him it is time to press the subtotal button as a nice Madame Ki-Ki isn't going to come along his conveyor belt tonight!)

Enough of my digressing - well actually there is a link here. I'm doing a tour of France, and above is the official Tour de France bunting which recently graced the towns and villages within Uttlesford when we were treated to this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle passing through. (Quick plug! TDF souvenir photo books are now available from me and SWTIC!!!) Unfortunately, they chose not to leave the bunting in place throughout August for my fourth-in-a-lifetime spectacle, aka, August Challenge, even though my theme this year is Uttlesford.

Not to worry, I shall go on regardless! The challenge starts tomorrow!

Much the same as last year, I threw the challenge open to all you lovely people to come up with do-able suggestions, and once again, you didn't disappoint. I have had suggestions from those who know Uttlesford well, and suggestions from those who are not yet familiar and will learn something from each of the daily subjects. So what are the subjects? (I hear some of you asking what is Uttlesford?! Be patient, that one will be answered too!) Without further ado, here is the simple list for the month.

1st    Inside out
2nd   In a jam
3rd    Planets
4th    The highest point
5th    Quietest rural spot
6th    Out damn spot
7th    Aeronautical
8th    Why / what is Uttlesford
9th    Saffron Walden extensive cycle network
10th  Something nautical
11th  Rural idyll v. pace and rush
12th  Sir Alan Haselhurst
13th  Turpin
14th  Homely / family
15th  Reflections
16th  Market
17th  Howzat!
18th  Shadwell Wood, Ashdon
19th  Ugly building made to look pretty
20th  Uttlesford wildlife
21st  Employment
22nd Composite of land to be lost
23rd  Suggestion to be drawn on the day
24th  Chess in Uttlesford
25th  Teens
26th  Stansted flights
27th  Oldest building still in use
28th  Carver Barracks
29th  Peace / Quakers
30th  Bloods
31st  Timbered buildings

As before there are a simple set of rules - nothing too complicated.

-The picture is to be taken on the designated day. (I will endeavour to include a grab of the meta-data as proof)
-Barring exceptional circumstances, the image will be posted on my blog before midnight on the designated day.
-I am allowed artistic licence when interpreting the brief.
-Have fun.

However, as I mentioned before, there is a slight proviso, re the first two days this year, as I am still going to be on my journey home through France, so a little more artistic licence may be needed there. Also, as I was hampered by lack of "wiffy" with the planning, some of the days may have to be switched slightly, although I hope this won't be necessary.
If you can make me those allowances, I will endeavour to fulfil the daily brief.
I would be delighted if you would stay with me again throught the month of August, as you were all so fabulous last year with your support, and I would love to reach a wider audience than before so share if you will.

Oh, and dont forget, the whole months-worth of images is to be on show throughout the month of September in Design Essentials in Saffron Walden - an exhibition determined by you! we go...

Monday 7 July 2014

Tour de France in Saffron Walden

The build-up was long - over months, days and hours and yet the main spectacle was over in less than five minutes.
On the 7th July 2014, the Tour de France came through Saffron Walden.

Thanks to riders Jan Barta (Cz) and Jean-Marc Bideau (Fr) who had forged out ahead (and had held that lead until the last two miles) we had a slightly extended show over and beyond the three minutes which had been anticipated for this Stage 3 event.
But what an event!

Preparations had begun early on this glorious summer morning with the keenest amongst us out to bag our spot ahead of the barrier contractors, who completely threw our group of togs, by placing more barriers in front of our carefully chosen spot, thus instigating a quick change of plan. All was not lost though.

Also out early were the French Tour de France merchandise sellers, who literally rocked up, music blaring, in their precarious back-of-the-van retail outlet offering packs of all-yellow Tour products. Several early spectators were keen to show their support of this once-in-a-towns-lifetime event by donning the bright t-shirts. Also displaying their delight were the pollen beetles, in fact they were too delighted, with the myriad of yellow garments becoming a magnet for their attention. No sooner had these t-shirts been put on than they were swiftly removed in an attempt to be rid of the unwanted hitchhikers.

Not all pre-race preparations were so fraught with hazard, at least not today. The empty road provided the perfect canvas for chalky messages.

Then came the waiting...

The crowds began to fill out.

There was more waiting and then...

...came the bizarre spectacle of the 'Tour Caravan' - ten minutes of assorted whacky vehicles which in customary French flamboyant style; bemused, boomed and bounced their way over the mini roundabout in front of us.

However, we Brits are known for our own unique sense of humour and entertainment and surely, the award has to go to the police officer 71791, who performed for the crowds along Hill Street, running, soaring and weaving along the empty impromptu stage before instigating an Oggi-oggi-oggi shout-out challenge with the opposing crowds.
Best warm-up act I've seen in a long while!

Anticipation was building, and the arrival of three police motorcycle outriders indicated that cyclists were imminent. News was circulating that two riders had gone out ahead of the peloton and very soon, the arms of the crowds began to rise - flags, hats, cameras, iPads (iPads? - and pink ones at that!!) were being pointed in the direction of the first two riders.

Appearing as if in tandem, I knew there would be a short window of opportunity to document this landmark event, and before I knew it, the two riders had passed in front of me, taking the right-hand line past the hump of the mini-roundabout.

Having now had 'they will be swift' suspicions confirmed, the joyful crowd had just under two minutes before the peloton would whizz past.

And whizz they did, even with many teams being beneficially bunched, it was possible to pick out the odd rider, here being UK rider Geraint Williams of Team Sky Sport. However, was one of the riders wearing a yellow jersey? If there was, I'm afraid I didn't spot it!

Post script - Found him!
Knew he would be in there somewhere.
Vincenzo Nibali

With the tail-end-charlie passing my spot, it was only a matter of minutes before all the team support vehicles, loaded with spare bike frames and wheels had also gone past on their once-only route. It dawned on the Tour Makers that that was it and the happy crowds surged to the crossing points, eager to get back to where-ever. The hours of build-up and waiting was dissipated in just a matter of minutes - almost as fast as the passing of Stage 3 of the Tour de France.

With the pavements now emptied and the roads still closed, one last intrepid wheeled spectator took the opportunity to bask in the imagined cheers that not long before had filled the spot for real.

Tour fever was over...but not in our memories.

I am delighted to announce, that due to popular request, I have produced a souvenir book of these and more images, which is available from my website and Saffron Walden Tourist Information Centre.


Sunday 6 July 2014

Saffron Walden Carnival Procession 2014

It is an event that comes around once every three years and is superbly organised by the Saffron Walden Round Table. Eight days of events, many taking place in the big marquee on The Common, and which is where the many amazing floats assembled yesterday for the Carnival Procession.

With the theme of 'Carnival of Nations' there were many different interpretations but all those involved had put in huge amounts of work, with the hope of equally large crowds coming out and lining the streets to watch them parade by.
For the procession three years ago, it was a lovely day but that couldn't be said for Saturday. The clouds hung black and heavy and it wasn't long before the heavens opened, just as the procession was setting off.

It failed to dampen spirits and over a period of four hours, the procession wound its way around the town, with buckets and nets collecting all the contributions, and which someone now has the joy of counting! And as always it will be an incredible sum for charity.

Without any further ado, I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves - my take on the day being the little details that can often be missed.


(By clicking on the first image, it will open up all the images into a viewer)

And so was the rain-hampered procession a success?                        Well now!

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