Saturday 31 August 2013

Day 31 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Urban fox, 31st August - gives you time to find a suitable location (preferably at home too)"

Suggested by - Enna via blog

Ok, so I shall come clean straight away, this image wasn't taken today...

but this one was...

However, they were both taken at the same location, three days apart and were both the best shots of the day(s) and with varied levels of success (or not). It just goes to prove what I am always saying that wildlife photography is a game of hit-and-miss. But when it is a hit, nothing can compare. (Talking of hits, what is it about the animals taking a swipe at each other this month? First the hares, now the foxes!) What could have been worse though would have been seeing no foxes at all today, and then I really would have fallen at the last hurdle!

When my alarm woke me at 5am this morning, I knew straight away it wouldn't be such a great morning for wildlife spotting. The wind was gusting through the trees outside - what a contrast to the calm misty morning I had had for my reccy day on Wednesday. This brings me to another point about wildlife photography, always check out the location first. I'm so glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have caught these two young foxes having a spat in the long-jump sandpit at the far corner of a school playing field. I watched through the fence from a leafy alleyway, as two adult foxes and around six youngsters gathered in this athletic landmark in the still-gloomy early morning light, necessitating the use of high ISO. It wasn't long before ears were folded back and the fight kicked off, the rest of the foxes slinking off and not wanting to get involved. I was happy as I had albeit, grainy shots to prove I had located a guaranteed den area of urban foxes.

Finding this location came after a chance comment
"I'm still looking for urban foxes" I said
"Oh I have them down my road. They've been there years and I see them at all different times of day"
"Tell me - tell me!" I said excitedly.
Sadly they were not in my home town, but a town 12 miles away. It wasn't through lack of trying that I hadn't come up with a local fox. I know there have been foxes in town, I had heard them myself in the past but not necessarily regularly. (Although now, I'm bound to find out that right under my nose, someone has a regular visitor!) I had put up wanted posters, asked the local dog walking service, asked those I thought would be in the know but nothing. I asked the town vets, to which their reply was
"I will ask staff here but I think you may be better off going to a bigger town"
And that is exactly what I had to do.

On my first visit to the location, I had had a fox cross the road in front of me. It looked promising. I was in a dense residential area surrounding the playing fields of a large school, the hedge line between the field and the road, containing the den. Perfect! All I needed now was for the fox to trot down the white line for me on Saturday morning - Houses in the background, urban fox in the foreground.
I've been at this game long enough to know that it doesn't happen like that, and as much as I would like that instant dream shot to fulfil the brief, I know I have to be content with whatever the foxes or animals offer me. This morning it was not very much I'm afraid. Just two foxes braved the windy conditions, hugging the distant hedge line whilst carrying home their spoils of the night. I waited in hope that one might come my way, and swiftly it did, offering me the chance to fire off about half a dozen (miserable) shots before it disappeared down into the den.

As the alleyway streetlight clicked off behind me, it prompted me to check my watch. It was 6.30 am and the sun was rising in the clear wind-blown sky. There was little chance that I would see the foxes again now but I had sufficient (although not prizewinning) evidence to prove that I had completed my final challenge.

The grab shots

My thanks to:
Enna for the suggestion (you so-and-so!)
Luke for the tip-off

Tomorrow is - September
So that concludes my August Challenge for 2013. I may be back with it again next year. Until then... just keep dropping by into my blog anyway!

-Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
-Thanks to everyone for their help with setting up the shoots.
Now the month is through, I will be getting in touch with each one of you with your images.
-Thanks to all of my followers, I couldn't have done this without you spurring me on.
For those who requested prints or those who would like to order prints ;-) they will be processed in the coming days.

I've had much fun and hope you have enjoyed it too.

Friday 30 August 2013

Day 30 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Young singers Friday 30th August colour"

Suggested by - Gill via blog

The suggestion, 'young singers' is liable to conjure up different ideas for different people but for me, my first idea is that of church choir singers. This is most possibly due to the fact that at the age of 8, I became a chorister myself, which seemed only natural following on behind my two older siblings and my father, and I spent the next ten years quite seriously involved in music. (After not getting very far with playing the clarinet which I mentioned yesterday, I had far more success with singing!). Now, it is the turn of my nephew to sing, and who I am proud to say, recently completed three years as a chorister and the last year as head chorister of Cantoris at Truro Cathedral. He has now progressed into the National Youth Choir (Training, South) where only last night, they performed a concert in Rochester Cathedral.
I strongly suspect, that the then, diary date for this event, was the influence for this assignment suggestion?!!

With thirty other suggestions alongside 'young singers' this month, there has been quite some considerable arranging of shoots but those who know me, also know that leaving things to the last minute is, well, not a great attribute I have, and found myself stupidly putting this challenge to one side. With about a week to go, I emailed our local church office with my proposal, hoping that a dialogue would be set up and I would either have a green or red light for a shoot at the choir practise, held, on... a Friday evening. Unfortunately, August is holiday time and my mail remained unanswered, so it was with considerable reservations, I decided to make a direct approach to the director of music. (In my day, that equated to a braces-wearing, balding, old man (or so it seemed old to an 8 year-old me) who was also rather keen for a pint (or two) after evensong. Happily, these days, it is much more Gareth Malone!)

My reservations were not without grounding. As a photographer, I know exactly the issues regarding photographing minors and so I suggested a view from the back of room so as not to identify the youngsters. Even though I was appearing out of the blue at the practise (something I definitely hadn't wanted to do) there was a slight warming to the idea but after mulling over the details, it was decided it would be against their child protection policy to allow it to go ahead. I fully understand this view and St Mary's in Saffron Walden should be applauded for standing by their robust child protection policy My apologies for putting them on the spot.

So, the idea of quietly rounding off the assignment back at my computer with a glass of wine was not to be, and a move to a vague Plan B had to be made. Where else might I find a reference to young singers - Cambridge? Maybe a busker or two?  There were certainly no young singers, only old swingers playing (rather good) jazz numbers. No posters on the railings advertising summer singing workshops either. The only reference was in the Kings College shop on Kings Parade, where a new release of Mozart Requiem was being promoted. I endeavoured to include a reflection of the gothic building too (used as a back drop earlier in the month) but sadly the window angle didn't work. However, there is a clear view of an image of young singers! (If I knew who to attribute the image(s) to, I would certainly add it)

So, artistic licence, or failure - call it what you will. :-/

The screen grab

My thanks to:
Gill for the suggestion
St Mary's for being prepared to discuss the assignment

Tomorrow, Day 31. The last day...

"Urban Fox"

Thursday 29 August 2013

Day 29 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Clarinet (with player) for the 29 August please."

Suggested by - Monika via blog

This study of a clarinet (with player) takes me back to when I was about 10 years old and I began to learn to play the clarinet by copying the fingering which the teacher demonstrated. I have to admit, I didn't get very good at it as I never practised enough (nor the oboe which followed a few years later). This avoidance of practise was to spare my parents from those awful squeaks which involuntarily emanated from this otherwise fine instrument. Well that's my story anyway!

Now I just enjoy watching and listening and really appreciate the hard work that goes into becoming an accomplished player. And that is who I was hoping to enlist to fulfil this assignment. However, for one reason or another, the accomplished player didn't come my way. Instead I enlisted the help of a local accomplished and specialist music shop, where we had bought a particularly fine flute for our eldest. ...And who, I am happy to say, did do the practise so we now, as parents, were able to the lovely sounds that emanated from higher up in the house.

The joys of fine music!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Monika for the suggestion (and Happy Birthday to the Mr!)
Daniel Bangham at Wood, Wind and Reed in Cambridge

Tomorrow, Day 30 - the penultimate challenge

"Young Singers"

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Day 28 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Light"

Suggested by - Wendy via Facebook

Light - well, what can I say?!!

Light is so important in our life for almost everything and for a photographer, it can be our best friend or our worst enemy. But what is true, get the light right and it makes for absolutely stunning photographs. For example, one of the most recent images for which the light was perfect, was the mother and baby on Day 25 Light can turn a good image into cracker, and as a photographer, I am always looking for the light: interesting, warm, glittery, there are so many forms of light to look out for. Side lit, back lit, all can be more interesting than just the full-in-the-face light of the middle of the day. Working as a photography tutor, I have often heard the exclamation "The light is wrong" when for example, it has been absolutely gorgeous back lit evening light. Work with it not against it, I say!

Which brings me on to two spells of light which can be the most magical of all - the 'Golden Hours'. The hour as the sun rises and the hour as the sun sets (Depending on where in the world, this period can be longer or shorter than an hour). This is when the light can be at its most stunning. We mustn't forget that without light, we wouldn't have photography. The whole process of creating an image is dependent on how much light reaches the film or the sensor. The dark room process also needs light to produce the final image. So it might come as no surprise then, to learn that the word photography is actually derived from the Greek photo = light, graphy = draw or write. Thus it is often referred to as 'Drawing (or sometimes extending to painting) with light'

And that is literally what I did today, I drew with light. It is one of those fun things that photography groups often workshop, and everyone has seen a similar effect when taking pictures of sparklers on bonfire night. Here, I set up a blacked out room, set the camera up on a tripod with a bulb release, and with a little torch, I practised my handwriting - lots of handwriting - 26 times to be precise! (It's tricky back-to-front and sideways!) And then, I couldn't help my graphic design blood creeping in. For the first time during this month, I have produced a composite image - I added a bit of bokeh sparkle, taken of sunlight passing through some cut glass earlier today.

So, I hope you don't mind my 'creative take' on the subject "Light", Wendy. Quite, quite different from those lovely lights you sell!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Wendy for the suggestion
Our black mutt for getting under my feet in the dark!

Tomorrow, Day 29

"Clarinet and player"

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Day 27 - August Challenge

Challenge - "OK, Black and White please. Cafe Racer with Rocker, must have open face lid, studded jacket, socks
                     over boots. Can be any machine once Brit Iron ...1960's feel about it"

Suggested by - Ray via Facebook

Black and White - check

Cafe racer - check

Rocker - check

Open face lid - check

Studded jacket - check

Socks over boots - check

Brit Iron - check

1960s feel - (timeless) check

Does this Egli-Vincent  suit, Ray?

I have refrained from 'distressing' the image as I wagered you would want to see the detail in this amazing machine but if you would like an age-focused image as well, I will happily oblige. Modern digital cameras make everything so sharp in comparison to the old cameras.

This was the most specific of all my challenges and for once, I am glad that himself has a fascination for all things two-wheeled! This meant he was able to enlighten me as to what to look for and, utlimately who to put me in touch with to set the whole thing up.

The screen grab

This assignment also had the most people to coordinate and to all of them I am truly grateful.

My thanks to:
Ray for the suggestion
Himself for being the go-between
Chris and Steve at The Motorcycle Restoration Company for supplying the bike (you were brilliant)
The bike owner for allowing this amazing machine to be photographed
The Fighting Cocks at Wendens Ambo for allowing their forecourt to be used for the shoot
And not forgetting Sam, our Rocker (who arrived on a Triton- also photographed later)

(And yes, we all (except himself) had a turn at being photographed on this rarity. How could we resist!)

Tomorrow, Day 28


Post Script 2016

You may have read these comments made below by people:

27 Aug 2013, 23:34:00
Having now learned what a café racer is, I must say this one is a beautiful machine. The setting is perfect, and the rocker adds a touch of class - and very good that the socks were right! Excellent.
28 Aug 2013, 13:47:00
Brilliant! Completely forgot the pub.

You may get the impression that the first one is referring to something that is a bit odd or missing -
"and very good that the socks are right"

Well you would be right. That is because there was indeed once a very nice third comment that had been written by the very person who had set this challenge. They wrote, if I can recall, something along the lines of: the bike was a gem. The details of the man were just right including the socks, and the location particularly the name of the pub was perfect.

I worked very hard to fulfil this brief and I did it because I like to please my friends, so I was delighted when he took time to give credit where credit was due and write such a lovely comment back.

Sadly, at sometime during recent months, he has seen it necessary to find time to search for, and come back to this blog post, and deliberately delete the comments (as blogger allows this), which then made the second comment not make sense.

It is very sad and unfortunate but I have been reminded of a very important lesson in life.

Monday 26 August 2013

Day 26 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Sound 26th (in colour)"

Suggested by - Mark via Twitter


How to photograph sound.

1. Take a cardboard tube.
2. Fasten a balloon tightly over the end.
3. Stand tube onto speakers of a radio or similar.
4. Place camera on a tripod and set for a long shutter speed.
5. Place a few grains of sugar onto the balloon.
6. Turn on the sound - the more base the better.
7. Fire camera shutter.

The grains of sugar appeared to dance due to the vibrations. The long exposure allowed the moving grains to be recorded, whilst other grains remained still. (Don't ask me to enlarge on the technical bits - I failed Physics!)

Further experiments may be carried out to see if there is any correlation with volume v height jumped. (But it would be courteous to inform neighbours first about possible noise disturbance) Too much sugar on the balloon prevented the grains from jumping as the vibrations were muffled.

So, I picked some bright colours for you Mark, and did a little bit of DIY home science in the kitchen today. Utterly different from my challenge yesterday - but that is HOW I like it!

What were the grains dancing to? "Harder To Breathe" by Maroon 5
(I know - it should have been the Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" but the sugar seemed to like it!)

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Mark for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 27

"Cafe Racer"

Sunday 25 August 2013

Day 25 - August Challenge

 Challenge - "A photo that stirs emotion (any kind) and explain the reason why"

Suggested by - Ca via Twitter

I will be the first to agree, it isn't for everybody - the image, or the concept of breastfeeding.
However, I am making no apologies here, it is an action which stirs huge emotions in me. Why? Because I am a mother! I successfully fed both of our offspring for 8+ and 7 months respectively and I loved it! I can't say it was easy at the beginning but once accomplished, it was so enjoyable, and I have to admit, probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. So now, to see mothers also performing what can be a very intimate but totally natural action, fills me with great joy and emotion. It can even still bring on a tingling sensation that only a mother will know.

When this assignment came in, I was pretty certain about what I wanted to do but finding a mother who would be prepared to share this moment of special bonding with their child might prove tricky. After putting out a few feelers, a message dropped into my mailbox.

"Hi, heard you are looking for a breast feeding model? I'm game! Have a 12 week old little boy"

Naturally I was delighted, for as mentioned before, it isn't for everybody, let alone having a camera recording the moment. Jenni advised me that 11am was usual for his feed, so I arrived with plenty of time to spare to ensure we could all settle. There was no time to spare! The little man was hungry and, with not a moment to set up, we went head-long into the shoot.

What a little star! First shot, and he gifts me this. (What did I say only on Wednesday? Why is it often first or last shot that ends up being the one!) Of course, I went on to take more lovely images of little Ollie, for his mum Jenni and not forgetting dad, Richard. I am so grateful to this lovely young family for being so open and willing. It was a delight and little Ollie is a gorgeous delight. Just 12 weeks old (born on the 1st June) he will grow and change quickly and now, hopefully, mum and dad, you will be able to treasure one more special moment.

Thank you.

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Ca for the suggestion
Carol and Corinne for being the go-betweens
Huge, huge thanks to Jenni and Richard
Special thanks to the little star, Ollie

Tomorrow, Day 26


*To enquire or to book a shoot*
Use the contact box on the right hand side of this blog.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Day 24 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Photographic record of an allotment site"

Suggested by - Martyn via Facebook

The forecast for today predicted pants weather. Waterproof 'pants', coat and boots to be more accurate, so when I woke at 07.30 and realised it wasn't currently raining, I grabbed my chance and my gear, and indulgently motored to the other end of town - throwing in a big brolly for good measure.

And I needed it. A humid mist hung over the town as the once, odd few drops of rain became ever more persistent. I tucked the handle of the brolly into my coat pocket, balancing the rest of it on my shoulder and head, in an attempt to free up both hands. Armed with just one lens - leaving the other kit in the dry shelter of the car, I ambled into one of my favourite shooting zones - allotments.

I have photographed these particular allotments on a number of occasions, their backdrop of the town behind them making them even more photogenic. I love the eclectic nature of all that goes with these little oases. I love the tranquillity and I love the colour - the flowers of the traditional allotment plants adding the only splash of sunshine in today's scene.

Where normally it would have been an early morning hive of activity, the rain had stopped play for the gardeners. However, I persisted, to record some of the plants, record the demarcation of the various plots and record the overall environment of the town allotments. However, there is one more record that, if one looks long enough, it will always be found...

The screen grab

My thanks to:
Martyn for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 25

"Stirs emotions, and why?"

Friday 23 August 2013

Day 23 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Seasonal plums that you have picked from a local tree."

Suggested by
- Paul via Twitter

How more seasonal than greengages, and how more local than from the old tree at the end of our garden?

With our Victorian house came a greengage tree, one of the many fruit trees portioned out onto house plots from a large parcel of land and which had once been the orchard of a large house. The house and land use ultimately giving our road its name. Every August since we have been here, it has provided fruit crops in various quantities. In the mid-90s, we had such a bumper crop that sadly, we lost three limbs of the tree under the weight of the fruit. Other years, the wasps have made the most of the diminutive crop. However, what we have been able to accomplish over the years, is many jars of jam, and delicious it is too!

During the past few days, I have regularly been feeling the plums ...and before you go there, I will qualify! I wanted to ensure that the greengages would be at their best for picking today. And so they were. On my return home this evening I went the short distance down our garden to pick from a crop which is now sadly, a shadow of previous years. They may not be big fruit, and they may not be perfect skinned, but it was still hard for me not munch my way through the scrumptious subject of my shoot. Thankfully, I resisted, and left some of the fruit on my kitchen table whilst I went back into the fading light of the evening, to pick a bumper crop of blackberries.

More jam on the way!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Paul for the suggestion
Mother nature for the harvest

Tomorrow, Day 24

"Allotment site record"

Thursday 22 August 2013

Day 22 - August Challenge

Challenge - "duck" on 22nd (two little ducks in bingo I believe) in colour"

Suggested by - The Tax Father via Twitter

Two little ducks '22'

No? ...Well they can both swim and they were both eating the grain, which had joyfully been delivered at regular intervals by lots of little people.

However, when all had gone quiet again there was this secret life going on at the duckpond, and which the little ones wouldn't have been too happy to see. A whole family of rats inevitably inhabited this neighbourhood and were ducking and diving to collect the 'easy-pickings food' which was falling from the sky (as was the rain falling from this morning)!

The local moggy, whilst sitting watching the goings-on from the vantage point of the pond fence post, certainly didn't wish to appear to be too efficient in the control of these grain-fattened rodents.

Meanwhile, the ducks just dabbled away, unabashed.

The grab shot

My thanks to:
The Tax Father for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 23

"Seasonal plums"

Wednesday 21 August 2013

She Flies Like a Bird...

Cambridge Gliding Centre on a glorious August evening

After going "Up, up and away..." earlier in the month, We were fortunate in joining a group of adventurous souls to experience a bit of "She flies like a bird..." on Monday evening. It seemed that it was only me and himself that had been up in a glider before, with the rest of the group all being a little anxious about their first time. It had been 23 years since we had spent a week on a gliding holiday in Barrow-in-Furnace, and we were looking forward to having the chance to get up in the air for a spot of unpowered flying again.

Checking out the cockpit

Ready for the first person to go flying

Strapping on the parachute... not to deploy but to use as a seat-filling cushion!

Who's going next? Anxiously waiting their turn

A spectacular sky whilst we waited

'Ready as I'll ever be!' The first to go up.

Final preparations

Begin to take up the slack on the winch cable

Steep climb via the winch

...and away

Each flight to be logged

They told me "It's like getting into a bath-tub" ?!!

My turn to prepare

Dials out of view with the canopy up

Clearing the way to be winched up

And what a view! Gransden Lodge Airfield

         Video of landing          *


Now, make sure you undo the right fastening -
the other side is the rip-cord!

Himself in the ready position

Last one down

Now to pack the glider away

End of a great evening

Despite all of the group anxiety, everyone returned to the ground with a big beaming smile.
Hands up those who will be back at the airfield again very soon...

Me and himself, for sure!

Thank you Mark for arranging the evening. 

Day 21 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Underwater via an aquarium or fish tank, 21st"

Suggested by - Richard via Facebook

Although I have discussed underwater housings for my G12 with today's challenger in the past, I still haven't yet taken the plunge with my cash, or the plunge with the camera for that matter. As a little camera, the G12 might be worth the risk but I certainly wouldn't consider putting my big DSLR underwater. This meant that 'underwater' would have to be approached from a different angle and seeing as it stated 'via aquarium or fishtank', it relieved me of task of doing a quick PADI qualification.

Aquarium or fishtank. Now that wouldn't have been a problem less than two months ago but some of you may have noted my glee when the fish finally left home to live with their rightful owner - our recently graduated eldest. This now left me with a slight dilemma, where was I to find a suitable fishtank. It crossed my mind to make a visit to one of those seaside aquariums, where it is possible to walk through tunnels 'underwater' and sure, it would have been rather cool to get the underbelly of a shark. However, the seaside is a daytrip, and I allowed myself one of those yesterday. Fishtanks a bit closer to home then local garden centre!

Thankfully they were very obliging and allowed me to shoot away 'sans flash' (would I do anything else!). At first I was fascinated by the wonderful shimmering colours and amassed a lovely collection of abstract colour patterns from long exposures. Then I turned to the little joker - the clown fish. Cute and instantly recognisable by even the youngest of visitors, I heard the cry of 'Nemo' with some regularity. So not that one then. Eventually after visiting all of the 2 dimensional fishtanks I happened on one which I could see through three sides.

Having had a fishtank at home, I knew there would be a wonderful mirror effect which I could take advantage of. Now, to just wait for the... erm (I forgot to check but I think they were some form of Angel fish) to move into the right place. With only one 4GB card with me, I had to delete many shots of unobliging fish poses (never work with animals!) but my mantra of just 'going with them' would surely pay off eventually. After what seemed like an eternity of those pursed lips coming to greet me at the corner of the tank, and the umpteenth time I was down to the last shot on my memory card, I disheartedly fired off another last shot. A quick look at the screen on the back of the camera and I realised that "that would do it!"
(What is it? So many times, it is either the first or last shot that ends up being the one!)

On reflection, it was lovely to move back to glorious colour after a couple of black and white days.
So Richard, here for your "underwater". Are you seeing double?

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Richard for the suggestion
Maidenhead Aquatics for allowing me to lurk in their tank rooms

Tomorrow, Day 22


Tuesday 20 August 2013

Day 20 - August Challenge

Challenge - "A proper classic yacht. Any day. B & W I think"

Suggested by - Roger via blog

When I was set this challenge, I knew exactly where the inspiration had come from and why so specific. Over the Winter months, I had watched the tweets and followed a blog about the ups & downs, the hard work, and the joys of the up-keep of an old girl. An, 80-this-year old girl to be precise. Her name is Ranger III, and she is a proper classic yacht.

Not being particularly in tune with the sailing world, I started to wonder where I might find a proper classic yacht to photograph. Indeed, I wondered what constituted a proper classic yacht anyway. A quick plea back to the challenger returned this answer:
"Anything traditionally built rather than production yacht. Almost certainly of timber construction. At least 50 yrs old. Sea or inland."
"So that includes Ranger III then?"
"Would the birthday-girl be around to photograph on the 20th?"

Now call it a bit of a cheeky-cheat, but not to take the opportunity to capture a lovely shot of this old girl, which I had got to know through social media, would be such a shame, and I really wanted to see her for real too.
Thinks again... A trip up to The Broads would be rather nice and I could take my old mum along for the jolly too.
"It looks like it will have to be Ranger then?!"
And thanks to Roger and Mrs Crew, (whom I have finally met too, after only reading about her) that is exactly what we did today.

A stunning August day, with wonderful cloudscapes.
Four of us for a sail along in the old girl (and mutt came too!)
A shoot with Ranger III passing back and forth on a beautiful stretch of water, with windmills as a backdrop.
A sail back, with me being offered the helm (A brave man letting me do that - if only he knew the problems I had had on a barge holiday!!!)


Now which image to choose? So difficult as Ranger III is truly a stunning boat. First I selected one with the iconic windmill in shot. It was lovely but the windmill was stealing the show, and it is Ranger III who is the star. Then I remembered what Roger had said.
"There isn't much wind around today, choose one with wind in her sails"
To which I replied
"I will choose one with you smiling in shot ...but then you should be looking happy anyway if there is wind in the sails"

Close-up detail

...I think I chose the right shot!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Roger for the suggestion
Roger & Mrs Crew for giving up their time to take the motley crew (me, mum & mutt) on Ranger III

Tomorrow, Day 21

"Underwater via aquarium / fish tank"