Friday 25 April 2014

Open Studio 2014

Open Studios is upon us again. Well actually, to be precise, Saffron Walden Open Studios.

As some of you regular followers know, I have 'Open-Studioed' in the past but due to a number of factors, I have opted for this earlier and smaller affair of the Saffron Walden event this year, rather than the big Summer event linked with Cambridge.

However, the important information for now is that I open my doors in the morning...

Saturday 26th April
11 am to 6pm

and again on

Sunday 27th April

Hope I might see some of you over the weekend, and if that isn't enough, I do the whole thing again next weekend too!

I don't wish to directly publish the addresses of all of the Open Studio participants (including my studio) here but all the information you need to find us is contained in this link.

During the week, I will update you with how things are going and exactly why I am doing an Open Studio but first, here is a glimpse back at a couple of pictures (thanks to himself) from last night, when a class crowd came to support me on my Private View night. Thanks all!

Saturday 19 April 2014

Bluebell Time

When my old mum moved to live in the same town as us six years ago, I made a promise that each year when the bluebells were in bloom in a local wood, I would take her to see them. Today was that day for the annual visit, some three weeks earlier than the visit last year but then how different the Springs have been. Mind you, isn't that the joy of nature, the quirks and variations that give us all something to note in our mind's diary or give us something to talk about.

However, the show of bluebells, whenever they happen, is always something to talk about, and as for the scent of these Spring wonders - you just have to be there to take it in.


Wednesday 9 April 2014

Ace Cafe Triumph Triple Challenge 2014

Taking himself along with me, I spent an interesting Saturday evening up at the Ace Cafe London, having been invited to the 2014 Triumph Triple Challenge launch evening. Once again Ace Cafe are one of the sponsors for the series. The Daytona from the 2013 series, complete with fly-splattered fairing, was on show alongside the smart new No 82 for this coming 2014 series.
It was certainly one big buzzing party.

Whilst there, I took the opportunity to capture the ambiance of the place in a series of candid documentary images.

(Apologies for these few 'sepia' images - Im looking into why blogger has chosen to do this!!!)

As I write this post, Ace Cafe just have announced that an Ace Cafe USA will be opening in Orlando within the year,
to add to the Ace Cafe already in China.

That is going to make for one very long bike-ride out one weekend!

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Skydiving and the RNLI

I don't normally post pictures of myself here on my blog but today I am going to make an exception and post not one but two pictures! Please do excuse me the indulgence but it is for a very good reason.

The blog title is Skydiving and the RNLI and you may ask how the two go together. Well it is simple really.
The RNLI - our fourth emergency service, which is staffed by volunteers, have put out an appeal for daredevils...
to do a record attempt tandem skydive this coming June.
I always remember seeing John Noakes back in 1970 on Blue Peter, doing a freefall jump from 5 miles up with the Red Devils, and I thought "Cool! I want to do that!" So when this latest appeal plopped into my timeline I couldn't resist the call to arms, and what better charity to do it for?! It may not be the solo freefall I dreamed of but a tandem jump from 2 miles up would be a great start.
I'm all signed up!

Mad! I hear you say? Well ok, maybe a weenie bit. If you are uttering "madness" to yourself as you are reading this, beware. I may be asking you to put your money where your mouth is. Infact, I would like you all to think about those wonderful volunteers who do a brilliant service around our coast, and consider how you might be able to help.

Apparently there is still time to sign up if you want to become a daredevil too. Registration closes on 11th April, and the event will take place in four locations in England. Alternatively, if you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground, you can, if you wish, part with a little cash to let me jump out of the aeroplane for you! CLICK HERE if you would like to go to the donations page. However, if you would like to go about it in the old fashioned way with pen, 'special' paper and an envelope CLICK HERE to ask where to send it!
I am looking to raise a minimum of £400 - and indeed more if I can, for this wonderful organisation, who, as regular blog followers will know, I support in any way I can.

And the picture above? It was taken this morning at Airkix Milton Keynes where I had taken himself on a (belated) anniversary treat, and where we donned our superman-style overalls and silly headgear before falling into the 1.2 million cubic feet per minute airflow. (They sure had to crank up the airflow to keep himself airborne though!)
It was so much fun and I thought what better day to announce my participation in the upcoming skydiving charity event for the RNLI

However, one set of overalls I won't be opting to slip into before exiting the aeroplane is the one I am modelling below.
I will just continue to have the greatest respect for those who do slip into this kit without a second thought.