Wednesday 7 August 2013

Up, Up and Away...

Inside the balloon envelope

As an addition to the Day 7 blog post, some more images of the balloon day.

Early morning flight starting from Longstanton, ending up at Bourne Airfield
Wednesday 7th August 2013

Sunrise over the old Cambridge Golf Club

Promising sight of the balloon arriving

Off-loading the balloon


Balloon envelope laid out waiting to be pulled out flat

Pulling the top of the balloon

Laid-out, ready

Checking inside

Inflating the envelope

and more.

Pilot dwarfed as he checks the balloon

Holding open the mouth of the balloon...

...just for me ;-) to be allowed inside!

Time for the hot air

Important features - handle ropes seen through foot-hold

A14 and Cambridge Services from 5,400 ft


Close enough that the 105mm can pick up the name on the side of the van

Chasing our shadow

Making for Bourne airfield. Runway 18, top horizontal

Pretty good landing. Exit not quote so dignified

The aftermath of landing

Wrestling to expel the air

Runway 18. Six miles as the crow flies from the start.

Fitting the rolled balloon back into the bag

All tucked away safe and secure

Thanks to the guys from Virgin Balloons

And thanks to the pilot, Carey Crawley

Happy Day!

...and yes, I would do it agan!


  1. Super Additional pics especially from inside the Balloon & Basket Face :-) great memories!

  2. Thanks Tony! It was a bit of a privilege to be allowed inside the balloon envelope :-)


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