Saturday 24 August 2013

Day 24 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Photographic record of an allotment site"

Suggested by - Martyn via Facebook

The forecast for today predicted pants weather. Waterproof 'pants', coat and boots to be more accurate, so when I woke at 07.30 and realised it wasn't currently raining, I grabbed my chance and my gear, and indulgently motored to the other end of town - throwing in a big brolly for good measure.

And I needed it. A humid mist hung over the town as the once, odd few drops of rain became ever more persistent. I tucked the handle of the brolly into my coat pocket, balancing the rest of it on my shoulder and head, in an attempt to free up both hands. Armed with just one lens - leaving the other kit in the dry shelter of the car, I ambled into one of my favourite shooting zones - allotments.

I have photographed these particular allotments on a number of occasions, their backdrop of the town behind them making them even more photogenic. I love the eclectic nature of all that goes with these little oases. I love the tranquillity and I love the colour - the flowers of the traditional allotment plants adding the only splash of sunshine in today's scene.

Where normally it would have been an early morning hive of activity, the rain had stopped play for the gardeners. However, I persisted, to record some of the plants, record the demarcation of the various plots and record the overall environment of the town allotments. However, there is one more record that, if one looks long enough, it will always be found...

The screen grab

My thanks to:
Martyn for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 25

"Stirs emotions, and why?"


  1. I love allotments, I miss mine, maybe one day I'll have one again

  2. What makes this photo remarkable is the background. Beautifully done. The weather creates its own mood. And yes, I've often balanced an umbrella on my head so I could have both hands for the photo...


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