Friday 23 August 2013

Day 23 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Seasonal plums that you have picked from a local tree."

Suggested by
- Paul via Twitter

How more seasonal than greengages, and how more local than from the old tree at the end of our garden?

With our Victorian house came a greengage tree, one of the many fruit trees portioned out onto house plots from a large parcel of land and which had once been the orchard of a large house. The house and land use ultimately giving our road its name. Every August since we have been here, it has provided fruit crops in various quantities. In the mid-90s, we had such a bumper crop that sadly, we lost three limbs of the tree under the weight of the fruit. Other years, the wasps have made the most of the diminutive crop. However, what we have been able to accomplish over the years, is many jars of jam, and delicious it is too!

During the past few days, I have regularly been feeling the plums ...and before you go there, I will qualify! I wanted to ensure that the greengages would be at their best for picking today. And so they were. On my return home this evening I went the short distance down our garden to pick from a crop which is now sadly, a shadow of previous years. They may not be big fruit, and they may not be perfect skinned, but it was still hard for me not munch my way through the scrumptious subject of my shoot. Thankfully, I resisted, and left some of the fruit on my kitchen table whilst I went back into the fading light of the evening, to pick a bumper crop of blackberries.

More jam on the way!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Paul for the suggestion
Mother nature for the harvest

Tomorrow, Day 24

"Allotment site record"


  1. And who is that in the background? Yes, I too have a Victorian house with a greengage tree! And for me it's a bumper crop this year. Lovely photo, and the light is just right.

  2. Ah, I wonder?! I wager there might have been a remote release getting covered in blackberry juice!


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