Wednesday 21 August 2013

She Flies Like a Bird...

Cambridge Gliding Centre on a glorious August evening

After going "Up, up and away..." earlier in the month, We were fortunate in joining a group of adventurous souls to experience a bit of "She flies like a bird..." on Monday evening. It seemed that it was only me and himself that had been up in a glider before, with the rest of the group all being a little anxious about their first time. It had been 23 years since we had spent a week on a gliding holiday in Barrow-in-Furnace, and we were looking forward to having the chance to get up in the air for a spot of unpowered flying again.

Checking out the cockpit

Ready for the first person to go flying

Strapping on the parachute... not to deploy but to use as a seat-filling cushion!

Who's going next? Anxiously waiting their turn

A spectacular sky whilst we waited

'Ready as I'll ever be!' The first to go up.

Final preparations

Begin to take up the slack on the winch cable

Steep climb via the winch

...and away

Each flight to be logged

They told me "It's like getting into a bath-tub" ?!!

My turn to prepare

Dials out of view with the canopy up

Clearing the way to be winched up

And what a view! Gransden Lodge Airfield

         Video of landing          *


Now, make sure you undo the right fastening -
the other side is the rip-cord!

Himself in the ready position

Last one down

Now to pack the glider away

End of a great evening

Despite all of the group anxiety, everyone returned to the ground with a big beaming smile.
Hands up those who will be back at the airfield again very soon...

Me and himself, for sure!

Thank you Mark for arranging the evening. 

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  1. Hi Celia,

    Is there any chance to join you on the next trip? I would love to get such an experience one day too. You will have to tell me more next time I see you. Could be something for an RSPB team building event... if it isn't too expensive?



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