Thursday 22 August 2013

Day 22 - August Challenge

Challenge - "duck" on 22nd (two little ducks in bingo I believe) in colour"

Suggested by - The Tax Father via Twitter

Two little ducks '22'

No? ...Well they can both swim and they were both eating the grain, which had joyfully been delivered at regular intervals by lots of little people.

However, when all had gone quiet again there was this secret life going on at the duckpond, and which the little ones wouldn't have been too happy to see. A whole family of rats inevitably inhabited this neighbourhood and were ducking and diving to collect the 'easy-pickings food' which was falling from the sky (as was the rain falling from this morning)!

The local moggy, whilst sitting watching the goings-on from the vantage point of the pond fence post, certainly didn't wish to appear to be too efficient in the control of these grain-fattened rodents.

Meanwhile, the ducks just dabbled away, unabashed.

The grab shot

My thanks to:
The Tax Father for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 23

"Seasonal plums"

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