Sunday 18 August 2013

Day 18 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Weeping Willow"

Sugested by - Ian via Facebook

Today I have gone for the traditional picture postcard look. After all, weeping willows are part of the scene in the traditional English countryside, and where could be more traditional-feeling than Byron's Pool in Grantchester, on a summer Sunday. Families were quietly fishing around the waters edge this evening where, apparently Lord Byron would swim. This fact is said to have been written about by Rupert Brooke, the Edwardian poet, who, many years later, lived in the near-by Old Vicarage.

Unfortunately for me, the sunshine, which had earlier been playing through the weeping branches of the tree, decided to curtail its appearance as I began to photograph at the pool. Unlike the picture postcards of yesteryear, I have refrained from hand tinting the sky, even though Photoshop would be the perfect tool. I prefer to leave as-is as much as possible. One day I will return to capture the image with a perfect sky, but for today, I'm afraid I will have to present a less than perfect white sky.

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Ian for the suggestion

Tomorrow, Day 19



  1. This is a really beautiful photo. I know the sky is a little bland, but then again, I so much prefer taking photographs in dull weather; in bright weather you often cannot avoid blackened out shadowy areas or blown out highlights in the sunshine. So I like dull!

    That apart, the other elements in this photo are perfect.

    I'm afraid Lord Byron died three years before Rupert Brooke was born, so he was probably visiting his father or more likely, grandfather?

    1. Thank you for pointing out my error, now duly amended. In my haste to write up before posting, I mis-interpreted the information I was taking from various sources. I am always happy to stand corrected.
      Thank you too for appreciating an image I was almost going to reject - I'm glad I didn't!


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