Saturday 30 July 2011

What's Up Pussycat?

What's up here?

How it was back in January

They've all come to see 'Pussycat' man
Tom Jones

When it comes to spotting what's up, mutt is the first to notice. Almost every day we go on our usual walk in the park with only barely noticeable gradual changes taking place to the surroundings throughout the season. Sometimes though, something more remarkable such as a tree branch will be down or a plastic bag might be blowing about and mutt will stop and stare with an indignant 'hwuff' as if to say, that should not be there! However, once it has been given the all-clear by yours truly, she is happy to go along her merry way.

With the summer series of picnic concerts in the park drawing to an end this weekend, there was a capacity crowd tonight for Tom 'The Voice' Jones. As we took our evening walk through the meadow normally just dotted with dog walkers, it was clear that mutt knew something was up. Her usual stop and stare began and as I had already anticipated the meadow becoming a temporary carpark for this event, I was able to reassure her before the 'hwuff' happened and ecourage her to 'Go find the balls' instead.

In comparing the two pictures above, is it any wonder that poor mutt was so displeased with this undesirable transformation to her park, unless, heaven forbid, her desire to be 'what's up' actually were to involve a pussycat!

Oh, and if I wasn't mistaken, as I walked past the show, Im sure I saw some people waving a washing line full of enormous white knickers. No doubt being at the back of the crowd, these women wouldn't get the opportunity to throw them.

Mr Jones would have been relieved, I'm sure.


  1. Hi Celia

    Show Penny a pussycat & there will be a reaction?
    Nice time lapse photo- Jan to July!
    Amazing how the foliage grows & then dies down..

    Keep on snapping :-)

  2. Thank you.
    Mutt + c-a-t, well!
    If you like time lapse,then look out over the next few weeks, I will hopefully be posting some time lapse that I did over a period of six days.
    It is interesting documenting things. Daily changes are barely noticeable, but over time... amazing.


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