Monday 11 July 2011

Clock Watching

I will just post a pretty picture for now as today's alternative was actually not so pretty. 

I have been attempting some time lapse photography as a suitable subject presented itself on the least opportune day of a busy week. Not one to miss out, I thought I would do what us females do well - multi tasking.

So, today I have been sitting indoors working at my desk and clock watching. Clock watching so that at suitable intervals I could press the button for my remote shutter release, set up on the camera outside. (I actually do wish I had invested in a remote with timer facility though!) Without being in the vacinity of my camera I have been 'observing' this unfolding action, even though I have been too busy with other things.
Now that is what I call good use of time.

However, with time at a premium, I have only been able to flick through the images for now. I would like to add more over the coming days, and then at my leisure, I will edit the images together. I hope I might bring you the result (good, bad or indifferent) later, but I will give you advance notice. As I said, the subject was not the prettiest.

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