Monday 4 July 2011

Spotlight on the Superbowl

You will have to forgive me for posting another image of a public little room- but let's face it we all have to visit them sometimes. So when they are presented to us in such a manner as this, it is only natural to want to record the experience- isn't it?!

I came across this particular one during my visit to the Royal College of Art yesterday and whilst there was no doubt as to where the main focus should be, the subdued peripheral illumination did present a bit of a problem elsewhere. There were also little whispering voices eminating from somewhere within the darkness, and I'm sure they were goading me to try and locate the cubicle lock. Finally discovered at just a foot up from the bottom of the door in what was otherwise a light-free box, it was not a challenge for anyone to take on when there were more pressing issues.

All in the name of art!

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