Friday 29 July 2011

The Cinnabar Match

Around three weeks ago I expressed my sadness that I no longer saw the caterpillar spectacle I remember from my younger days. Whilst out and about this week, I came across not the nettle/tortoiseshell derby I had hoped for but I was actually equally delighted to see an alternative in a ragwort/cinnabar match.

It is hard not to miss this Wolverhampton Wanderer munching its way through his post-match fast food of choice, leaving the black bio-degradeable food wrappings along the way. Happy to consume the poisonous substances that would cause liver damage in their long faced field sharers, the toxins from their binge builds up inside them, making them the untouchables to all other potential attackers.

Beware though of mistaking this behaviour as the act of a hooligan. Tyria jacobaeae is the most useful friend you could have when it comes to the crowd control of Senecio jacobaea. The need for taking part in this act of control ensures that the stripey youth matures into fine adult-hood, changing his colours of allegiance to red and black in the process - but please don't hold this against him!

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