Sunday 10 July 2011

Finally Facing my Waterloo

Taking time out from from my present pre-occupation last night, I took mutt and her best friend (he's on holiday with us for a few weeks!) for a walk in their regular venue - the place where the two first met.

After a experiencing a few, very welcome short showers during the day, it had turned into a lovely evening and the sky was putting on a performance to match the performance going on in another area of the park. Every Summer, picnic concerts are staged here, whatever the weather, and last night I was feeling relieved for all the concert go-ers, that they could enjoy the evening without the use of waterproofs. Equally, we were enjoying our musically accompanied walk in the park where song birds and jackdaws alike, were adding their own bedtime chorus to the performance.

I was being gently chaperoned by Abba's 'Arrival', when Bjorn Again moved quickly into the up-tempo 'Waterloo' where the words 'finally facing my Waterloo' struck a chord for just one moment, before I shook myself out of it and thought again.

I might only be one week away from my Open Studios but 'Waterloo' definitely would not do as my signature tune. Perhaps 'I Have a Dream' might be better.

That dream?
That I might find you all popping along to my studio next weekend!

See you!

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