Sunday 3 July 2011

Graduate Show 2011 RCA

Plot 54
Evguenia Jokhova

Today I paid a visit to this year's Graduate show at the Royal College of Art.

It is rather too many years since I last took a check on what was happening in the upper echeleons of the emerging art world - an area I can only envisage from far off. Never in my wildest dreams could I get anywhere near to producing the research, development and design that comes from within those hallowed walls. I admire anyone who has the determination to complete a Masters Degree at the RCA.

So this year was a little special. I took time from my own (insignificant by comparison) exhibition preparations to go and support a friend who has just completed her Masters Degree in Printmaking there. Having studied together with Evy at LCC a few years ago, we had all been amazed by her enthusiasm, vibrance and the sheer volume of work that she produced. Masses of intricate and delicately cut paper and other materials went to make up her compellingly busy but exciting trade-mark work. Those similar qualities shone through in her printmaking work that was on display at the RCA today.

Undeniably Evy and as exciting as ever.

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