Thursday 3 March 2011

Window in the Weather

As most photographers will appreciate, a window in the weather is always welcome, and that is just what happened yesterday.

After an overcast encounter with woody-woodpecker during the morning, the clearing of the cloud forecast by our regional weather girl, duly happened early afternoon. Not wanting to miss this remarkable moment, I grabbed my camera bag, tripod and car keys, and with mutt eagerly on my heels, we jumped into the car to see what the sunshine would highlight.

The local countryside took on a beautifully different appearance after the flat light of the last, I don't know how many days. A subtle mist just lingered along the hedgerows, whilst the still low angle of the sun, highlighted the textures of the newly drilled or newly sprouted fields. We cruised the lanes for creatures of interest, in a manner that some may have found questionable, but apart from old crows, there was nothing worth pulling over for. My attention would have to switch.

On reaching one of the few high points in the area, a pleasing scene came into view. The sun was just kissing the honey tones of the church tower and the mist softened the scene without the need for a filter. The leaf-less trees, just starting to show a slight shift in colour and the fields in the foreground glowed a brilliant green. This is just what grabbing the moment is all about, and what better way to do it than appreciating our local landscape.

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