Tuesday 8 March 2011

Update from West Cork

One month on from my last visit to West Cork, the bovine year has progressed. These young heifers born late last season, were enjoying their last chomp on the headland grass this afternoon before being ushered down the lane to pastures new.

The old girl featured in my bovine pedicure blog, finally gave birth today and I hope I might be able to see mum and calf tomorrow.

The new-born with the long legs, also from before, is up and about in the barn with all the other new arrivals, and will probably go out grass in the next couple of weeks- that is if the weather behaves itself. Rumour has it that snow is forecast for St Patricks day next week. Coupled with a spring tide, it could prove to be an interesting few days.

(Apologies for the 5MP p&s images again)

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