Wednesday 11 May 2011

Weathered the Storm

A little over a week ago, my local beach was a beautiful sandy playground for mutt (see posting Dog and a Rope). Now it has had tons of slimy seaweed dumped on it and hundreds of moon jelly fish stranded amongst it.

This is all thanks to the high tides (in association with the moon) and the strong winds swinging back round to south-westerlies. When I say strong, I mean strong - straight off the Atlantic, and stand up straight if you can, sort of strong. Coupled with lashing rain, hail and even thunderstorms, it put an end to the spell of beautiful Easter-time weather once and for all. Needless to say, this particular visit to West Cork hasn't been the best weather-wise.

However, I have weathered the storm and I am pleased to say that Snow White (see earlier postings) has also weathered the storm. Sadly, the seven dwarfs deserted her a few days ago, but even with wet footings when the high tide came just within splashing distance, she has stood her ground. If you care to observe the above picture, you can just see her, standing alone on the far side of the beach.

There are now two questions that remain to be answered.
1. Who built Snow White? (Latest theory is it was a camper-van-load of young people who were around for a few days over Easter.)
2. Will she still be standing when I return in a few weeks time?

We shall see.

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