Wednesday 25 May 2011

Documenting Work in Progress II


Yesterday I returned to take progress photographs of the farm building you may recall, that I featured five weeks ago.

With work now under way, they have stripped away the old cladding and replaced the old timber-framed lean-to with a new steel framed single span frame. The gang, ready to start fixing the new cladding, were doing this with great caution. Starting with the sheltered sides, as the current high winds would make roof work highly dangerous.

Winds can also cause an issue with photograph-taking, mostly with things staying still long enough to keep them in focus, but on this occasion, wind worked to my advantage. The recent spell had cleared the air, to give a beautiful crisp light, and so on a sunny May afternoon, the next record picture was taken.

The light lifts the mood from the first shot and raises the anticipation for the completed building.

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