Wednesday 18 May 2011

Bell X1 Gig Photography

The challenges of low-light level photography.

1. Camera choice: DSLR or point and shoot?
    (Point and shoot as it is less bulky and I didn't want to be ejected as press)
2. Find something to use as a camera support.
    (Useful rails around auditorium staging)
3. Pixels- as many as possible.
    (Problem p&s is only 5mp)
4. ISO setting; fast enough for low light, but without causing too much grain.
    (Problem p&s automatic setting = grain)
5. No flash.
    (Were you one of those people who didn't know how to turn off your flash on your point and shoot when you had expressly been told NO flash photography? Result- one burned out head of the guy in front and a blackness somewhere where the stage should be!
I'm a photographer who would rather use techniques that didn't use flash, so no problem here. Thankfully these days, people use their mobile phones to record such events and this has appeared to stop 'the menace of the flasher')

    (Not too bad but would love to use my DSLR really- unless I can achieve the G12 off my wish list)

Oh, and Bell X1?
Fantastic, as always.
   (Can't understand why the British haven't fully embraced their talents yet though!)

Bell X1
Scala, London

Paul Noonan "How are you are this Tuesday night?"

"The Queen is in Dublin, and we are here, so it's kind of exchange
programme, 'cos we're the closest thing to Royal at home...

...we did stay at Travel Lodge Carlisle, last night though.
I don't know where she was?!"

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