Friday 13 May 2011

Note to Self...

...avoid a repeat of the most depressing holiday-homegoing experience.
More depressing even than packing up and leaving wonderful West Cork to drive to dreary Dublin Port for the huey Holyhead ferry and then the monotonous motorway drive home:- 

Knutsford Motorway Services, M6 southbound

Even if nature calls (and I think mutt had the better deal here with a large grassy area smothered with rabbits) drive on the few extra miles to the next services as the conveniences at Knutsford leave rather a lot to be desired, starting with broken appliances, missing essentials and, well the list goes on. No amount of plastic flowers around the basins could even begin to make it better.
Hot food; a £3.60 kids deal, chargrilled chicken (re-microwaved), fries and drink (thankfully subbed with tea) was the only thing still available in the evening that didn't include the dreaded bread accompanyment.
Excitement; watching a hi-vis crew with trolley-loads of gear including a film camera. (Would love to see their footage!)

So, to the manager of this 1963 vintage service area, who had her picture so proudly displayed outside the ladies & gents:-

Sorry, but the classiest thing at Knutsford Services was the tag on the end of the teabag string.

PS 15.5.11
Judging by the write up in the above link, perhaps I should have chosen to stop at one of these, instead of me purposely driving past at least three of them in North Wales, due to my view formed on this establishment a few years back?

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