Friday 27 May 2011

Bouncing Mutt

Excuse me for posting a picture of mutt again, but here is the old girl doing something else she loves.

In a hip-high field of wheat, where normally just a tip of a tail is visible, mutt goes into bounce mode, in the hope of finding something to chase. The wheat waves around as she madly sweeps between the plants, then suddenly she springs up, ears aflap, dropping back down as suddenly to begin the next sweep. This comical behaviour will go on for around 10 minutes or until the little clockwork motor runs down and she flops down onto a cool and shady area of grass, to pant her way back to 'fully wound' - off she goes again!

What a great way to exercise mutt. She does all the exercise and I just stand and watch with amusement, or on this occasion, my camera. This photograph was a little difficult to capture, due to the unpredictability of her movements, but thankfully she presented me with ample opportunities to bag the shot.

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