Saturday 24 September 2011

Oh Deer

06.38h. 1/10 sec. f9. 1250 ISO. @400mm

As I have mentioned in the past, we have a healthy population of white fallow deer around our area, so it has been no surprise to find that there are also a number of white bucks at various stages of maturity. Having watched the white buck lead the race through to the next field followed by a herd of over twenty keen followers this morning, I happened to notice another white buck bringing up the rear. Clearly he was at least four years old as the palmate antlers had developed but what was also clear was an odd undesired extra branch.

Closer inspection of this poor buck revealed that this extra branch was in fact a piece of wooden fencing material with an alarming amount of barbed wire entwined around both the wood and his antlers. Obviously not in the most comfortable situation, he thankfully didn't appear to be too distressed at this stage, although who knows how long it would be before it might cause a bigger problem. Unable to do anything about it, all I can hope is that one of his friendly brothers might kindly have a careful play-fight that will finally dislodge this unfortunate piece of baggage.


  1. Oh deer indeed!How very strange, do hope it somehow came loose in the end.

  2. I am planning early morning visits again this week so I sincerely hope I don't encounter this sight again.


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