Sunday 4 September 2011

June Rebellion via Canon G12

The little G12 was put to the test again yesterday, during a superb regional performance of 'that' musical based in 19th Century France.
The resulting images indicated that there were possible metering/focusing difficulties with the shots bathed in the low light from the red end of the spectrum, resulting in more noise. (Photography, exposure, dark rooms and red lights always appear to be linked) Scenes, such as the one above, using light from the blue end of the scale, proved to be far more successful. Certainly the images in the optical zoom range were far superior too, confirming that the digital zoom range is best used with discretion or if there is no alternative.

Then flicking into movie mode, and with no preparation, a very acceptable recording of both sound and image was achieved (not published here), proving that this little camera really is the handy all-rounder to carry around to events of this nature.

Finally, whilst students involved in uprisings might well be sustained by sturdy ales, closer inspection of the stage props revealed the use of items from a well known East Anglian brewer.
Always did suspect that the region had influence over more than just the Romans!

(Big thanks and well done to all those involved in this splendid production)

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