Thursday 1 September 2011


I certainly haven't been trying to hurry the year on with my last two postings, but it is becoming clear that the year is moving on 'To Autumn'. With today being the 1st September, is it a landmark in the calendar? To those working at the meteorological office, yes it is. They believe that today heralds the first day of Autumn, but for many, the day of the Autumnal equinox, this year falling in the 23rd, is truly the first day of Autumn.

I set out to see if I could find the signs of Autumn today, and in just a very short walk, I was able to amass the above collection. Surely this must mean it is Autumn? Well, as you can clearly see, the sunshine was glorious. So much so, I was far too hot with the jumper that the early morning glance from my window had suggested I might need. Actually, this is a typical happening for this time of the year, chilly mornings and beautiful warm sunny days. We all recall returning to school after our summer holidays, stuffed up in all of our new uniform, only to find we could still do with our summer attire. These beautiful summer-like days at the beginning of the Autumn term are always a delight. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say they are some of my favourite of the year, but they seem neither Summer or Autumn.

So, what are they?
Well I propose that these first 20 or so days of September between the met office and traditional beginning of Autumn should actually be called AuSum as the weather at this time can be, well, truly awesome.

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