Wednesday 21 September 2011

Getting Wise

The sentiment is mutual. I'm getting wise to the movements of these wild fallow deer but equally, they are getting wise to this weird heap of green net curtain that arrives before sunrise every morning.

Call it beginners luck, but sadly the white buck hasn't put in appearance the last couple of mornings, and I'm sure it is down to his loyal does that mooch up to just a few feet away from me, before pronking back to the herd with the reconnaissance report.

This morning, the grass was just beginning to turn green from the nocturnal grey when I was excited to notice a glowing white deer emerging from the woodland. I could tell immediately by size that it wasn't what I was waiting for. I watched though, reluctant to waste a shot on a 4 second exposure, as it joined a couple of the menil deer who were camouflaged against the developing daylight-brown of the newly drilled field. Of course, I could have wound up the ISO but the payback would be grainy images and I want sharp. Instead, I contented myself to watch and wait, and wait. Just six deer put in an appearance before retreating to the woodland - a fraction of what I saw on Monday morning.

With that, the church clock struck seven in the distance, time for me to make my retreat until tomorrow morning.

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