Friday 9 September 2011

30 Day Photographic Challenge

Day 1. Self Portrait
I am not fond of having my photo taken, so set up a shot that leaves a bit more to be found out.

Day 2. My Favourite Thing
In the absence of members of my human family...

Day 3. Shoes
Quite a cross-section.

Day 4. Something New
The G12.

Day 5. Animal
Being otherwise occupied all day, I had few opportunities to catch a shot of an animal- until the evening when the hares were hopping about in abundance (maybe that should be bunny-dance) Being sensitive to observers, they didn't hang about for long and knew just where to move to be into what I discovered as, the poor digital zoom end of the G12. I refrained from returning another time to gain a better image. After all, this is a daily challenge.

Day 6. Clouds
The previous day had produced THE most wonderful clouds and I was fearful that the blanket that shrouded our region was going to hang around for the whole day, thus creating a failure in this challenge. Thankfully the wind picked up high above and blew back the covering, reavealing these lovely cirrus clouds in the evening sky.

Day 7. My Favourite Colour
This could easily have been posted as a b&w image as the indicators are quite specific, but as I do like the colour so much, I thought I would indulge.

Day 8. Someone I Love

Day 9. Something I ate
Thank goodness the choice of bread for me has improved over the past twelve months. What went before was, well...

Day 10. Something I do every day
Well, almost.

Day 11. Flower
The common stinging nettle. Not a flower you would normally take a close look at. Take a look for yourself next time, they are dainty little clusters of star-like white florets.

Day 12. A place I visit often
Self explanatory.

Day 13. Reminds me of my childhood
 Didn't realise I had kept so much from back then.

Day 14. In my bag
Literally, but spared you the fluff at the bottom.

Day 15. Transport
Trains, planes and automobiles. Couldn't quite fit the middle one in on this occasion.

Day 16. Technology
All this technology needs power. This is just one of several gang sockets lurking under the desk to keep it all going.

Day 17. Something I dislike
This is the only image I have had to cheat with. I knew exactly what I wanted to photograph for this subject but unfortunately there had been a clean up at this location on the day. This then is an image I took a few weeks before when I had been taken aback by the mounting pile of cigarette butts on top of this prominent public dustbin.

Day 18. Sunset
I think you would have found a b&w sunset a bit dull!

Day 19. Night time
Walking whilst the camera was set on a two second exposure, produced light trails from two sodium street lights. The extra trails are due to the reflections within the lens. This could also be successful as a b&w image but the yellow light produced a ghostly quality to the street scene and is 'monochrome' enough to pass.

Day 20. Where I sleep
This is my space and that is the way it remains.

Day 21. In the fridge
Again, literally! Set the G12 on the timer but no way could it find a way of metering in the darkness- even with automatic flash set or the door being left open until the last possible moment. Had to resort to the old p&s on nightshot setting for the inset shot.
Just goes to prove that the light really does go off when the fridge door is closed!

Day 22. Something I drank
Very enjoyable!

Day 23. A gift someone gave me
On Valentines day 1984, I was given this wok. Unusual as it seems, it has been one of the most enduring and well used gifts that my special someone has given me.

Day 24. Something home made
These are hand made-home made. A selection of my hand printed and hand bound books

Day 25. My front door
'Kept for best' as we use the back door.

Day 26. View from my window
I love trees but we have a mass of wayward non-native acacia set to engulf a native chestnut.

Day 27. Something in my bathroom
In my bathroom I have a dripping tap.

Day 28. Something sparkly

Each day when I am sitting at my desk, from the corner of my eye, I can see the sparking bubble curtain in the fish tank.

Day 29. A pretty pattern
I judge this interesting rather pretty. The Autumn allium seed head proves a stunning subject.

Day 30. On the shelf
A very important collection on my kitchen shelf

The list for this challenge was provided by Christina - thank you. It has been interesting to decide each day, exactly how to fulfil the brief. Some days were easy, some days were hard, due to lack of subject or time restraints but all photographs (except the one mentioned above) were taken on the day.

For anyone thinking they might like to be a photographer, I recommend carrying out a challenge such as this. It sharpens the eye, the camera and post production techniques and gives great discipline to turn around a piece of work in a day. Try it!

365 Challenge? Well now...


  1. I think this shows what a good eye you have, finely honed over many years.

    If it had been me taking photos on these subjects I think many of mine would have been far more mundane.

    I really like this collection!

  2. Thank you.
    I like a challenge and so it was both interesting and fun to do this.


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