Wednesday 29 February 2012

Regional Alphabet Quest

As I mentioned last month in 'Just Isn't Cricket' I have been on a 'Regional Alphabet Quest' with my now, eighty-year-old mum. In 26 months we have visited 26 places alphabetically, all within a certain radius of her adopted home.

Today was a landmark day. Not just because it is a Leap Day but because we completed our challenge. Often it was a mystery tour for her, having not being able to guess the chosen destination. Sometimes though, it was quite obvious where we would end up, as it was with Q. Wherever we went, it was an enjoyable and fun foray. Even her friends were excited for her, wanting to know where she might be going to next. During this time I revisited some places I had been to before, and also ventured to new villages, often chosen because of their interesting sounding names. As you can imagine though, we have had to resort to a bit of artistic licence at times but I'm sure you will forgive us. However, you have to agree, we have done pretty well to find something to fit the bill every time.

Audley End
Good Easter
High Easter
Jaspers Green
Steeple Bumpstead
Hanchett Village
Linton Zoo

So, what did we achieve from this?
A bit of mother and daughter interaction. An introduction and getting to know her adoptive home area. Fun.
Again though, it involved looking and seeing. As well as seeing the places, we saw so much on the way there and back too. It has been a lovely journey together. Something I will cherish.

I will be turning this series of photographs into a piece of Book Art which I will show at my Open Studios in July, where this years theme will be Local. So, if you are intrigued and want to take a peek, keep looking for the mentions about how and when you can come and see the work (and me!) over the coming weeks.

Oh, and just for the record, I did take mum home today. I didn't leave her in the zoo!

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