Sunday 4 March 2012

Drip Rings

It's raining! Woo-hoo.

Although going out for a walk in the rain isn't always the most pleasurable thing in the world, today I didn't mind one bit that it was raining. We actually need it so much, here in the East.

We wrapped up against the elements this morning but mutt wasn't at all concerned that she was going to get wet. The run out in the countryside was the only thing on her mind (apart from perhaps food or a chase but that we might never know). Not being able to live with her pestering if we didn't get going early, we chose to go out early anyway, when the rain was expected to be lightest. (It was forecast to become heavier and even turn to snow as the day progressed.)

Wildlife was noticeable by its absence during the walk. Just the odd hardy bird offered a song, so observations moved from the animal end of nature, to plant, colour and landscape. Half way around this particular walk there is a lovely little spring pond. The last time we visited it, mutt had to break the ice for a paddle. Today, she was paddling so as to snap at the bubbles which rise to the surface as she disturbs the sediment at the bottom. (Little things please little minds)

As mutt paddled, I began watching the wonderful drip patterns created in the clear water, subtly coloured with yellows, greens, turquoise and the odd splash of ultramarine. I was mesmerised, my little G12 coming out of my pocket to catch these ever-changing beautiful patterns.

(Little things...!)


  1. Very cool! Very brave of you to go out in the horrible weather too, I stepped outside for a grand total of about 2 minutes yesterday! But we do need it, so won't complain.

  2. :) No rain today but the wind has certainly picked up. Pretty chilly now.


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