Tuesday 24 January 2012

Just Isn't Cricket

Over the past 25 months, I have been on an alphabet quest with my old mum. I can hear you asking, what? Well, since moving to the region nearly four years ago, she has been keen to get to know the area better and one way was month by month, to find then visit a local place for each letter of the alphabet. It has been an interesting pastime as well as a bit of fun. Trying to find places with interesting names was always the challenge. Sometimes a bit of artisic licence was required to fulfil the quest (such as X and, next month, Z, although we were dandy for Q!) However, we are fortunate, even due to the lack of Y's nationally, to have a rather interesting Y in our region.

The custom has been to find a village sign to stand in front of and take a 'photo for the record'. These have ranged from authoritarian, "name" + please drive carefully / reduce your speed / please observe the speed limit signs, to community notice boards and, as today, beautifully carved village green signs. So, after sitting my old mum on the bench, conveniently positioned in front of our penultimate sign, I decided to take a closer look at the scene of rural idyll portrayed upon it.


It appears the man of the match at silly mid-on has a dolly. The cherry being something to do with the maiden over with the night watchman then getting a googly...

I'm sure the ladybird is having a rather nice winter rest!

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