Wednesday 2 February 2011

The Day the Camera Turned

This is the February edition of Style Magazine, featuring Claudia Perkins as the Face of Cambridgeshire. She has deservedly been selected this year, from around seventy portraits taken by award-winning, Cambridgeshire based photographer, Mark Ashworth.

Each year at his studio, Mark runs make-over sessions for women 'from sixteen to sixty', giving the chance to have make-up and hair styling done by professional, Samantha Cooper, before going into the studio for a shoot. One image can then go forward to the Face of Cambridgeshire competition. With half of the fee being donated to Breast Cancer Care, this is a very attractive proposition.

So it was, back early last summer, that I was looking for something special to give to my husband for a notable anniversary. He had often bemoaned the fact that I was always the wrong side of the camera and he didn't have any nice pictures of me, so I swallowed my embarrassment and contacted Ashworth Photography.

For a couple of hours the attention and the camera was turned, and for a moment I was wondering what on earth I was doing. However, Mark was chatty, fully understanding of my plight and my reason for being there, whilst calmly clicking away. Well, I think the result speaks for itself (I'm keeping the rest of the lovely photos just between me and my dearest) and I know someone is very happy. Anyway, the arrival of Style Magazine suddenly reminded me that I should ask Mark if it was ok for me to use one of the photos at the side of my blog, so that you could see the face behind this camera!

Thank you Mark!

By the way, he is running the 'Face of' again for 2011, go to

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