Saturday 19 February 2011

Bush Telegraph 1

After my post yesterday, the challenge was laid down to continue in a similar vein and illustrate 'bush telegraph'.

Well, not one to run away from such a challenge, I took a look through my back catalogue and found a couple of subjects that might just fit with the title. Although not such an obvious image/caption link as yesterday, this particular event came to mind.
Here is the first Bush Telegraph for you today.

Whilst on my trip through the Mara a little while back, we had stopped for breakfast next to a hippo watering hole. An ideal way to pass the time. Our guides lifted the breakfast boxes out of the vehicles, where we then helped ourselves before finding a suitable rock to sit on. Whilst balancing our plates on our knees, we looked up and across to the other side of the waterhole.

To our astonishment, another safari group was in the process of having their breakfast laid out in the bush, the only apparent omission being an ironed copy of a well known quality Britsh daily.

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