Saturday, 22 January 2011

Photographic Surveillance

It is obviously the season of yo-yo weather. After cold and sunny yesterday, today we had misty and drizzly. However, this doesn't stop me being detective, looking for clues that the season moving on. Today, I happily spied on my first snowdrop and first aconite, giving me the feeling that we are making progress in the case of the changing season.
I wait for these and other signs, and each year I promise myself that I will try to document this in a photographic record. I have a superb undercover excuse to do this, whilst on my daily dog walk, and so this year I really will try to gain the required evidence.

Each day I pass a front door that has more twilight comings and goings than a house in any dodgy neighbourhood. Forget the twitching curtains, I am talking twitching noses here. I am (thankfully) too late in a morning for my canine friend to clock these long-eared residents, otherwise my cover would be blown but I am hoping at some stage, to return and take up lone surveillance, observing the movements of this estate family who unusually seem to eat their five a day. This might prove to be an interesting stake out.

The case continues...

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