Wednesday, 19 January 2011

From Despair to Hope

We are now a couple of days past what they call 'Low Monday' and this year it certainly did live up to its name, weather-wise at least. Frankly it was dark, dreary and wet, enough to drive even the most cheerful soul to despair. Hibernating and emigration are two options that often come to mind as a cure for this desperation although the latter is infinitely more realistic of course.
So, dreaming of tropical beaches whilst on my daily dog walk today, I suddenly became aware that we might at last be starting to turn the seasonal corner. Birds were tuning up their song, small green shoots were pushing up through the leaf litter and earth worms were slithering out of shot faster than a camera-shy teenager.

Given the early stage in the day, I can forgive the sun for only being there in body, if not in spirit and whilst it might have back-lit the spectacular show of spring catkins, the fact is there - the season is changing. (I hope!)

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