Thursday 3 May 2012

The Woman in White

I accidentally entered stage left in a moment of fade to black during the technical lighting run-through, and I had clearly picked the wrong door to make my entrance. Thankfully, I was soon rescued by a man in a smoking jacket and slippers, who told me not to worry and then gave me the lowdown of what was required of me.

No, I hadn't got my cue hopelessly wrong, I was indeed in the right place, the place being the John Gielgud Theatre at RADA. I had been assigned to photograph the dress-rehearsal for the John Lewis Partnership Dramatic Society's production of the Wilkie Collins favourite, The Woman in White. Only a few weeks before I had been on a boat photographing humpback whales, this time, I was in the cosy surroundings of a Victorian theatre set.

Such is the diversity of my assignments but it is what keeps it all fresh and interesting. So, throw down a challenge and I will give it my best.

Thank you, thank you Celia. You have created such beautiful photographs of the John Lewis Partnership Dramatic Society's recent production of The Woman in White at RADA. I know your aim was to tell a story of the action from backstage through to the performance on stage and you have certainly done that. My advice to anyone looking for lovely photographs of whatever event they have coming up is to hire Celia now!

Gerry Wilkinson

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