Saturday 19 May 2012

Frizz, the Guide Dog Puppy

"Please could you come and photograph a guide dog puppy who is just about to leave his puppy walker to go onto the next stage of his training?"

"Of course. Oh, and what colour is he?"


Black. Probably the most challenging animal colour to any photographer. (I know because our mutt is black!) Coupled with fluorescent lighting and an excited audience of the junior Boy's Brigade in the local Baptist hall, it could have been a recipe for disaster. To top it off, there was an extra request for "A special picture of Frizz" that could be given to his hard working puppy walker. Although a seasoned trainer, Hazel Mander-Callaby was particularly sad to be having to say good-bye to her current charge, and as a dog owner too, I can feel for her. Having lived and breathed the experiences of this young puppy for many months, for Hazel to make the break, although knowing this day would always come, it is going to be hard.

More details about Guide Dogs and the Local branch can be found on their website

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