Wednesday 28 November 2012

Royal Visit, Cambridge 28.11.12 (Alternative view)

Crowds anticipate the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
on their first visit to the city since gaining the Cambridge title.

Formal and informal. Working both sides of the fence.

Punt workers arrive to represent a traditional facet of the city.

Royals about to arrive. Quick!

All smartly turned out and ready.

Press photographers during the few moments of madness
as the Royal couple walked towards them along Market Street.

Pleading with the police in hi-vis and the plain-clothed detectives to move out of the line of view.

Quickly back to work, and they need to be!

The Duchess of Cambridge flashes by.

The Duke of Cambridge arrives at the Senate House

A bank of non-press cameras trained on the Royal couple.

Overwhelmed Royal gift-porters, craning for a view.

Someone has to do it!

And after just four minutes, the whole affair had moved beyond the public gaze.


  1. These are great photos - really capture the mood. Love the ones of the photographers!

  2. Excellent blog Celia; I detect a good number of the Yellow Brigade in the front row of the Press guys ......

    1. Thanks anon/addo ;-) Yellow Army / Red Brigade, think it was just about a 50/50 split on the day. However it is the overall result that matters.

  3. Nice work, Celia! Was a bit nippy, wasn't it? :)

    1. Thanks Leon.
      Twas a bit parky! If Id recognised that the non-gesticulating, hard working photographer under that hat was you, Id have given you a shout for coffee! Next time.
      Hope you managed the shots you needed - will we be seeing any of them?

  4. Great set of photos... I like the repetition of vertical lines throughout the set.


    1. Thanks Celia. Takes another trained eye to see that ;-)

  5. These are great Celia, like someone said above, especially the photographers expressions. I suppose the four minute window was quite a stressful four minutes for them!

    1. Hi Nick, how are you? Thanks for your kind words.
      The lot of a photographer is hours of waiting around for that moment/shot that may or may not happen.
      Think that 'may' is what keeps us all going ;-)

  6. Another great set of photos Celia, I don`t think I have the patience for this sort of photography with all the crowds! I take it there was a good atmosphere? Richard

    1. Thank you Richard. Atmosphere was good, despite the showers and chilly conditions.


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