Tuesday 2 August 2011

Quality Control

When returning from a visit to Bulgaria recently, some good friends had kindly selected some unknown delicacies from the duty free shop for us as they 'looked interesting'. The packaging informed us;

"Ipek Pismniye serves its traditional Turkish desserts meticulously that fits the public taste since 1954. Ipek Pismaniye that is grateful its succes to the experience in skills in years together with the pure and quality material used continues its service without compensating the quality to date from the date it was established. Ipek Pismaniye that was established in 1954 by Mr. Lutfu Canigenis produces delicious Pismaniye. ... Ipek Pismaniye feels the honour of serving Turkish food quality and taste to the people of the World"

Once we had put down the magnifying glass to read this 4pt enlightenment, we excitedly opened the pack, all hoping to cure our curiosity and enjoy what appeared to be beautiful spun-sugar domes filled with a chunky hazelnut paste.

We removed some deflated pillows of frothy matter...

We cut into this Turkish dessert...

Clearly, all of their proud Quality Control employees are supplied with magnifying glasses the day they begin work to ensure 'service without compensating'

I'm sure Trading Standards here might have something to say about the use of ISO Quality Control if it were UK produced.

Good job we could all have a laugh about it though.

Oh, and all joking apart, they did actually taste quite nice.

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