Saturday 20 August 2011

A Happy 40th Birthday to Victoria Griffin

Teddy Edward would like to wish his best friend
Victoria Griffin,
a Very Happy 40th Birthday!

PS. Ailec Photography would like to add her best wishes too
and just to reassure you that Teddy Edward was impeccably behaved during his little visit away from home.



  1. Thank you so much for my gorgeous 40th birthday photo journal - it is absolutely lovely! It has quite rightly and very happily made me laugh and cry today. I am amazed by it. The photos of my oldest companion:) make me so happy - very, very funny. I look forward to thanking you in person and to giving a gift as wonderful as this to someone else too.

  2. You're welcome, and I'm delighted that it provided you with all the right emotions on your special birthday.
    You should really thank your sister for her foresight when you both visited my Open Studios over twelve months ago. She hastily whispered her desire to commission this book as you both left that day and over the past year, she has co-ordinated the whole affair.
    I then 'Realised the Creative Vision' for her.

    I have to say that Teddy Edward was a delight to photograph and he is indeed a VIB -
    Very Important Bear :)


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