Tuesday 23 August 2011

Preparing for Spring

With the onset of drizzly rain, the summer appeared to have naturally come to an end today. This indicated high time to begin preparing for Spring. Sensibly, now is probably the best time of year to check over the bird boxes and put up new ones. Thus I decided I really should check over an old bird box that has been sitting around for a couple of years ever since a family member moved house and the bird house moved too.

However, this is no ordinary bird box - this is a bird box with a camera in the attic. (Well, did you expect anything other from me?!) During the house move, one of the cables that powered the little camera got broken, and it has been sitting awaiting repair ever since. Fed up of tripping over this vacant residence in my utility room, I bit the bullet and ordered a new cable for it just yesterday (along with a couple of other fieldcraft products for another on-going project) I was delighted when, as promised in an email, the box arrived within the delivery window this morning. Well done Garden Nature! Into the bargain I got a real live earwig in the box, which I also thanked Garden Nature for when I emailed them my praise, to which came the reply,
"Great news that the earwig arrived safely, baggage to follow!"
(At least it made me smile on this dismal day, thanks Simon!)
Oops, I digress. So, first I must check that the camera will still work. Next I must decide on a suitable location for this des. res. Then I must screen the applicants - robins or tits? Followed by final fix and electrics. Finally I must sit out the Autumn and Winter and hope that a little feathered friend will like the new residence come the Spring. And if it doesn't? Then you and I will just have to wait another year before the next chance to watch 'Avian BB'

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