Sunday 12 June 2011

Through Rain-spattered Windows

I am pleased to say I was able to look out of my rain-spattered windows whilst observing the comings and goings in my garden today. It is amazing what an effect a steady shower of rain has had on the amount of birds dropping by.

Sparrow, great tit, blue tit, long tailed tit all made an appearance. Also a male black bird, hastily returning for three servings of broken bread I had left on the patio. We watched as he made these trips back to his waiting family in a nearby tree - and then the bully boys turned up.

Three of them arrived all puffed up and looking for trouble. First they contemplated the small bird feeders, and then they noticed the choice pavement table. They flapped their squeaky flap down to the ground and waddled along the garden path like bombastic bouncers in grey overcoats. Then they plonked down the three steps onto the patio and muscled in on the civilised 'family' meal gathering that was taking place.

With one last desperate peck at the bread chunks, daddy blackbird attempted to load his beak once more. Finally, he surrendered this cafe table and flitted back off home, not to be seen again at this sitting. Now that the table was set for a clean sweep they took just a few undignified gobbles to clear every last crumb.

I don't expect for one minute that in their haste, they were able appreciate the special dietary benefit of this gluten free bread though!

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