Friday 17 June 2011

Totally Eclipsed

As I sat at my kitchen table on Monday evening, watching a wonderful near-full moon rising over the end of my garden, I planned just how I would view the special full, red-moon total-eclipse that was due for Wednesday evening. Considering the dry weather we have had here over the past few months, the chance of cloud seemed pretty slim, so a tripod set-up from the roof-top window might be just the thing.

Wednesday evening arrived, so did the clouds.
Totally eclipsed, not-a-chance.

As I sat at my kitchen table late on Thursday evening, watching a wonderful just-past-full moon rising over the end of my garden, I lamented the missed photo opportunity. Not to be beaten, I grabbed the little p&s, clicked it onto nightshot and captured trees eclipsing the moon.

So, until December, when there is supposed to be another opportunity, here is my version of the June Lunar Eclipse.

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